Eye of GNOME 3.4.2


* What is it ?

Eye of GNOME (EOG) is the image viewer for the GNOME desktop.

* What's changed in 3.4.2 ?

Bug fixes:

 #675569, Refuses to save file after horizontal flip:
          "Maximum supported image dimension is 65500 pixels" (Tom Gall)
 #676486, Missing scrollbars when zooming a SVG image (Felix Riemann)
 #677200, Race condition: misbehaves when launched twice
          in quick succession (Felix Riemann)

New and updated manual translations

- Gabor Karsay [de]

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:

http://download.gnome.org/sources/eog/3.4/eog-3.4.2.tar.xz (3.10M)
  sha256sum: 8dd79cd2118ba6055efc4ebe815bdeeeb3c1310bb915035c1a56ef3188c75d5a


The Eye Team

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