Boxes 3.5.2

We are pleased to announce a new (unstable) release of Boxes.

Changes since 3.4.0:

- All changes included in subsequent 3.4.x releases:
- Rework media menu to look good and allow scrolling.
- Indicate live medias and VMs as such.
- Correctly report 'i686' architecture as 32-bit.
- Avoid deadlock during startup.
- Fix toolbar not showing up.
- Always automatically launch wizard on startup when Boxes is empty, not just
  on the first run.
- Update topbar title to help with ungrab.
- Do not forward grab-broken events to box' display.
- Allow to open a machine from command line. This allows calling
  "gnome-boxes xp" to start and open that VM for example.
- Add a command line argument to open in full screen.
- Always install a tablet device.
- Do not skip review page for unknown or live media when creating VM manually
  from wizard.
- Fix blurry notifications.
- Fix escaping from fullscreen when caps/numlock are on.
- Setup VM timers policies that fixes Windows 7 hangs.
- Express installation:
  - Set hostname based on its box's name for Windows XP and Fedora.
  - Setup user account and autologon for Windows XP.
  - Setup user's avatar for Windows XP and Fedora.
  - Correctly setup admin password for Windows XP.
  - Use gtk+ password character in Summary page.
- Added/updated translations:
  - Bulgarian
  - Catalan (Valencian)
  - French
  - Galician
  - German
  - Greek
  - Hebrew.
  - Norwegian bokmål
  - Persian
  - Russian
  - Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)
  - Slovenian
  - Spanish
  - Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan)
- Some other functional and non-functional improvements and fixes.

Dependencies changed:

- libvirt-glib >= 0.0.8
- libvirt-gconfig >= 0.0.8
- libosinfo >= 0.1.1

All bugs fixed in this release:

664239 - When going back from a fullscreened VM it should unfullscreen
665562 - Remove now redundant hack for windows 7
670306 - should do some kickstart sanity check before starting the installer
670777 - Better disk performance
672159 - gnome-boxes should remember the iso that was selected when going back
         from the 'configuration' screen
672160 - isos selected through boxes should appear in the "recently used"
         section in the file selector
672458 - The spice mouse is lagging (comparing to spicec)
672528 - "Cancel" button does not really cancel
672567 - Launching of new machines not working
672601 - wizard: Don't explode the window with lots of medias
672853 - Assistant layout is broken
672872 - Sane default sound & video devices for unknown OSs
672983 - error message notification should not go away when the error is fatal
673053 - error popups are not readable
673847 - express: Make use of 'distro' data from libosinfo
673856 - Missing ISO source should not be treated as a fatal error
674035 - gnome-boxes should set 'magic' clock parameters for kvm guests
674228 - Name logo files according to distro names
674328 - Cannot differentiate similar ISOs in list of ISOs
674352 - Getting statistics slow down VMs a lot
674361 - Top toolbar in display shouldn't prevent win7 drag window top to
674647 - Make wizard file chooser dialog, modal
674657 - creation assistant isn't running after quitting app first time
674794 - in-app notifications are blurry
675615 - Mouse scrollwheel not working in local Windows XP guest
675617 - Mark the express install floppy image as optional
675663 - Don't do blocking calls on main threads when collecting stats
675813 - Translate X kbd layout ID to console layout ID
676176 - Add units to the -shadow css properties
676222 - no go back button when full screen in win XP
676307 - Cannot leave full screen before system bootup (not even with keyboard)
676320 - User is not created during unattended installation of WinXP
676588 - boxes shouldn't be suprised with non-boxes vm
676589 - Deal with Osinfo media == null
676590 - Always install a tablet
676591 - Do not forward grab-broken to display
676631 - Allow to open a machine from command line
676632 - Allow to open in full screen
676648 - Mark strings as translatable
676658 - Small improvements for Util::get_* functions
676676 - Do not skip review page for unknown media
676679 - Fix random deadlock/timeout
676834 - A few express installation fixes/improvements
677117 - wizard: go to setup step after prepare
677177 - Use gtk+ password character in Summary

All contributors to this release:

Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com>
Alexander Shopov <ash kambanaria org>
Alexandre Franke <alexandre franke gmail com>
Arash Mousavi <amousavi src gnome org>
Bruno Brouard <annoa b gmail com>
Carles Ferrando <carles ferrando gmail com>
Cheng-Chia Tseng <pswo10680 gmail com>
Christian Kirbach <Christian Kirbach googlemail com>
Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau redhat com>
Daniel Mustieles <daniel mustieles gmail com>
Fran Diéguez <fran dieguez mabishu com>
Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas gnome org>
Marc-André Lureau <marcandre lureau gmail com>
Matej Urbančič <mateju svn gnome org>
Tom Tryfonidis <tomtryf gmail com>
tuhaihe <wangdianjin linuxdeepin com>
Yaron Shahrabani <sh yaron gmail com>
Yuri Myasoedov <omerta13 yandex ru>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>

What is Boxes?

A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems.


* View, access, and use:
 * remote machines
 * remote virtual machines
 * local virtual machines
 * When technology permits, set up access for applications on local
  virtual machines
* View, access, and use virtual machines on removable media
* View, access, and use shared connection / machines
* Share connections?
* Upload / publish virtual machines
* Select favorites
* Search for connections


* Enterprise system management / administration
* Asset management
* Software distribution
* Automation

Use Cases

* Connect to a local virtual machine for testing.
* Connecting to a work machine from home.
* Connect to a work machine over a low quality cellular network.

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