gobject-introspection 1.33.2

gobject-introspection 1.33.2 is now out.

The major change here opening for the 3.6 cycle is that thanks
to hard work from Dieter Verfaillie, we now match gtk-doc
syntax to a much greater degree.  This has a side effect though
that some annotation syntax is no longer recognized by the scanner.

Alban Browaeys (1):
      annotationparser: indent _parse_comment_block gtkdoc code

Alberto Mardegan (1):
      Add regression tests for GHashTable holding GValue

Bastian Winkler (2):
      tests: Add GType property TestObj:gtype
      tests: Add array marshalling test for array without length

Colin Walters (3):
      update-glib-annotations: Set required environment variables
      Update annotations to glib 2.33.2
      Release 1.33.2

Dan Winship (1):
      scanner: allow for functions that look like constructors but

Dieter Verfaillie (12):
      Add comment documenting we're ignoring C++ style comments.
      Don't munch /* and */ comment start and end markers.
      Make AnnotationParser._parse_comment() do what gtk-doc does.
      update-glib-annotations.py: reduce code duplication
      Update GLib annotations, using the improved annotation parser.
      Now make AnnotationParser do what gobject-introspection needs it
to do.
      Fix malformed GTK-Doc comment blocks:
      Split parameter and tag storage in annotationparser parse tree
      Revert "annotationparser: indent _parse_comment_block gtkdoc code"
      warningtester: make it possible to EXPECT multiple lines of output
      annotationparser: cleanup and add tests for the new warnings we
now emit
      annotationparser: add test for comment lines not starting with ' *

Jasper St. Pierre (7):
      giscanner: Don't run pkg-config when there's no packages specified
      Update annotations
      tests: Fix warnings
      tests: Add a foreign struct signal test
      tests: Fix a memory leak
      givfuncinfo: Fix memory leak
      tests: Add a refcounting boxed

Johan Dahlin (8):
      Replace ''' with """, to avoid confusing syntax highlightning in
      Don't parse doc comments in dependencies
      Do the filename filtering in scannerlexer
      Update annotations from git.
      Don't extract annotations from headers
      Pass in LDFLAGS to the dumper
      Compare filenames using g_file_equal()
      Make introspection compile with -Wall -Werror

Kalev Lember (2):
      Don't link with gthread-2.0
      Move libffi and gmodule to Requires.private in .pc files

Martin Pitt (7):
      tests: Add flags and enum to GValue GHash in/out
      Fix GVariant handling in regress_test_closure_variant
      Fix regress_test_closure_variant return value
      GIMarshallingTests: Add GStrv property
      tests: Add marshalling test for a caller-allocated out GValue
      tests: Add vfunc taking a caller-allocated out parameter
      tests: Add marshalling test for a boxed struct property

Neil Roberts (1):
      Add the fixed width C99 types from stdint.h

Pavel Holejsovsky (2):
      Avoid _get_func() consuming reference from input info
      girepository: avoid crash when querying nonexistent info

Rico Tzschichholz (6):
      Update glib annotations from git
      configure: Update to 1.33.0
      Update glib annotations from git
      g-ir-doc-tool: Update expected file
      Update glib annotations to 2.33.1
      Update glib annotations from git

Stef Walter (1):
      Update Gio/GLib/GObject annotations

Tomeu Vizoso (2):
      Make g_callable_info_invoke public
      Add tests for vfuncs with callbacks as arguments

Will Thompson (3):
      annotationparser: remove duplication of annotation names
      annotationparser: correct "maximium" in error messages
      annotationparser: split validate() into sub-methods

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