Vino 3.5.2 released

Vino is a VNC server that integrates with GNOME.

Vino 3.5.2 is available for download from:

Changes since 3.5.1:

Bruno Brouard (2):
      Updated French translation
      Updated French translation

David King (3):
      Depend on intltool 0.50 for GSettings translations
      Post-release version bump to 3.5.2
      Update NEWS for 3.5.2 release

Fabrice Bellet (3):
      Use XFixes to provide RFB cursor image
      Fix the cursor bounds computation
      Fix iteration of the cursor->source[] array

Kostas Papadimas (2):
      Updated Greek translation
      Updated Greek translation

Luca Ferretti (1):
      l10n: updated Italian translation

Mantas Kriaučiūnas (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation




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