gnome-shell 3.2.2

This is a bug-fix release. One notable improvement with this release
is that the browser plugin now works correctly with WebKit-based browsers
like Epiphany and Google Chrome. In addition, the release fixes
a number of common crashers, improves the behavior of the messaging
tray to interfere less with application operation, and fixes some cases
where the Network menu could get confused and misbehave.

About GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3
desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications. GNOME
Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware
and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a
visually attractive and easy to use experience.

Tarball releases are provided largely for distributions to build
packages. If you are interested in building GNOME Shell from source,
we would recommend building from version control using the build
script described at:

Not only will that give you the very latest version of this rapidly
changing project, it will be much easier than get GNOME Shell and its
dependencies to build from tarballs.


* Fix crash when searching in the shell caused by .desktop files
  without Exec= lines (commonly, nautilus-pastebin) [Ray; #663815]
* Message Tray:
 - Fix bug that would cause confusion between notifications from different
   services running in the gnome-settings-daemon process
  [Marina, Jasper; #664138]
 - Don't steal the focus when popping up beneath the pointer [Rui; #661358]
 - Only pop up the message tray from a hot corner, rather than trapping
   clicks on the entire bottom row. [Rui; #663366]
* Browser plugin and integration
  - Fix multiple bugs that kept the plugin from working in WebKit-based browsers
    [Jasper, #663823, #666444]
  - Fix plugin crash when the shell is installed but not running [Jürg]
  - Fix problem that kept plugin uninstallation from working [Jasper]
* gnome-shell-extension-tool
  - Fix error that was printed after creating an extension [Jasper; #661623]
  - Use xdg-open rather than the deprecated gnome-open [Jasper]
* Don't recreate dash icons unnecessarily - this hopefully fixes various
  crashes. [Owen, Giovanni; #648450]
* Fix several bugs that caused errors and slowdowns when updating the
  network menu. [Giovanni; #651378, #659277, #663278]
* Fix several crashers related to updating workspace thumbnails
  [Owen; #667652]
* Fix memory management error causing gnome-shell-hotplug-sniffer to crash
  [Owen; #667378]
* Fix crash and misdrawing with shadowed elements [Owen; #668048, #668050]
* Fix several small memory leaks. [Jasper, Florian]

 Jürg Billeter, Rui Matos, Florian Müllner, Jasper St. Pierre, Ray Strode,
 Owen Taylor, Marina Zhurakhinskaya

 Alexander Shopov [bg], Gil Forcada [ca], Carles Ferrando [ca@valencia],
 Marek Černocký [cz], Kris Thomsen [dk], Bruce Cowan [en_GB],
 Kristjan Schmidt [eo], Daniel Mustieles [es], Arash Mousavi [fa],
 Ville-Pekka Vainio [fi], Bruno Brouard [fr], Hideki Yamane [ja],
 Žygimantas Beručka, Aurimas Černius [lt], Kjartan Maraas [nb],
 "Andreas N" [nn], Djavan Fagundes, Antonio Fernandes C. Neto [pt_BR],
 Daniel Nylander [se], Matej Urbančič [sl], Praveen Illa [te],
 Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy [vi]

======== (1.07M)
  sha256sum: 68967b9d58ad0551d7d3d28a276526a15faf1fc1d27f4624eb405663910e2eb8

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