EOG Plugins 3.3.5


Thought it would be nice to push out a few accumulated fixed for the
various plugins together with a fresh new plugin in a tarball.

* What is it ?

EOG Plugins is a collection of plugins for the Eye of GNOME Image Viewer.

* What's changed in 3.3.5 ?

New plugins:

- Fullscreen Background (fullscreenbg)
  #667979, Allows changing the image view background color in fullscreen and
           slideshow modes (Adrian Zgorzałek).

Plugin changes:

- Map
 - #643769, map plugin doesn't react to mouse events (Felix Riemann)
 - Miscellaneous code improvements (Felix Riemann)

- Exif Display
 - Fixed possible memory leak (Felix Riemann)

New and updated translations:

- Jiro Matsuzawa [ja]
- Matej Urbančič [sl]
- Praveen Illa [te]

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:

http://download.gnome.org/sources/eog-plugins/3.3/eog-plugins-3.3.5.tar.xz (304K)
  sha256sum: 86d6eaa1c6c9c7b95c97813ff075686d1899dc25c38c7600f9a740c

* Where can I report bugs?

EOG Plugin doesn't have it's own product in GNOME's Bugzilla. Please
report problems against the 'Plugins' component of the 'eog' product.


The Eye Team

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