PyGObject 3.3.90 released

I am pleased to announce version 3.3.90 of the Python bindings for
GObject. This is the sixth release of the 3.3 series which eventually
result in the stable 3.4 release for GNOME 3.6.

Thanks to all contributors!

The new release is available from

What’s new since PyGObject 3.3.5
 - Implement marshalling for GParamSpec (Mathieu Duponchelle) (#681565)
 - Fix erronous import statements for Python 3.3 (Simon Feltman)
 - Do not fail tests if pyflakes or pep8 are not installed (Martin Pitt)
 - Fix PEP-8 whitespace checking and issues in the code (Martin Pitt)
 - Fix unmarshalling of gssize (David Malcolm) (#680693)
 - Fix various endianess errors (David Malcolm) (#680692)
 - Gtk overrides: Add TreeModelSort.__init__(self, model)
   (Simon Feltman) (#681477)
 - Convert Gtk.CellRendererState in the pygi-convert script
   (Manuel Quiñones) (#681596)

About PyGObject
GObject is a object system used by GTK+, GStreamer and other libraries.

PyGObject provides a convenient wrapper for use in Python programs when
accessing GObject libraries.

Like the GObject library itself PyGObject is licensed under the GNU
LGPL, so is suitable for use in both free software and proprietary
applications. It is already in use in many applications ranging from
small single purpose scripts up to large full featured applications.

PyGObject now dynamically accesses any GObject libraries that uses
GObject Introspection. It replaces the need for separate modules such as
PyGTK, GIO and python-gnome to build a full GNOME 3.0 application. Once
new functionality is added to gobject library it is instantly available
as a Python API without the need for intermediate Python glue.

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