GStreamer Conference 2012 program now complete!

We have just updated the GStreamer Conference list of presenters and
topics with the last abstract, so be sure to check out the speakers list
with the full abstracts for all the talks this year:

The GStreamer Conference 2012 is an annual gathering of GStreamer and
Open Source multimedia enthusiasts. This year we have exciting talks
about GStreamer 1.0, the GStreamer SDK, GStreamer and Embedded hardware,
ALSA, Wayland, OpenGL and Mesa and much more. 

This years conference will take place in San Diego, USA on the 27th and
28th of August. Be sure to register in time for this years multimedia
development event!

The GStreamer Conference would like to thank our sponsors Collabora Ltd,
Entropy Wave, Fluendo, Igalia and Google.

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