ANNOUNCE: Glom 1.22

*** Glom

With Glom you can design table definitions and the relationships between 
them, plus arrange the fields on the screen. You can edit and search the 
data in those tables, and specify field values in terms of other fields. 
It's as easy as it should be.

More information and screenshots are at

Changes in Glom 1.22:

* Use Gtk::Application and Gtk::ApplicationWindow instead of Gtk::Main.
  So far this does not change anything whatosever for the user,
  though --help now doesn't list all options by default.
* Make auto-increment fields work even if they are not primary keys.
  Bug #661702
* Do not hide the database structure if the user does not have view rights,
  and prevent SQL errors in that case.
  Bug #669299
* Button scripts: Check and warn about pygtk2 instead of crashing.
  Bug #669196 and Bug #661766
* Choices: Allow the field to be be other than the primary key and do not
  crash if it is not, or if it is hidden.
  Bug #668759
* Database Preferences: Really store the organization name in the database.
  Bug #668836 (alien)
* Details: Foreign key ID fields: Add a New button next to 
  the existing Find button.
* Field choices:
  - Allow custom (not related) choices to be translated,
    with only the original text being stored in the database.
    This only happens when the choices are restricted, at least for now.
  - Use the appropriate type of data for choices. rather than, for instance,
    forcing German users to see (and store) 1.99 EUR instead of 1,99 EUR.
* Field Formatting: Related Choices: Default to showing the primary key
  Bug #668759#c21
* Print Layouts:
  - Allow printing of print layouts from the List view too, to avoid confusion.
  Bug #670462
  - Avoid sometimes over-scaled images.
  Bug #668901
* Users/Groups:
  - Example files: Really load the table privileges.
  - Really prevent changing to developer mode for non-developers.
    Bug #669043
  - Allow user and group names to have spaces and other special characters.
    Bug #669012
  - Limit user and group name lengths because PostgreSQL seems to have an
    (undocumented) limit.
  - Warn if we cannot get the list of users. Bug #669178
  - Add tests.
* Translations:
  - Allow the database title to be translated.
  - Default to en rather than en_US for the original locale.
  - Offer non-country locales, such as de, instead of only de_DE, de_AT, etc.
  - Default to the first locale in the list, instead of none.
* Related Choices: Allow the user to specify a sort order.
* ReportBuilder:
  - Make summary fields work again.
  - Add error checking.
    Bug #669281
* Depend on libgda 5.0.3 because we need the GdaNumeric corrections.
  This avoids errors when creating from examples, when using a 
  non-English locale. This fixes bug #668346 (Janne)
* Added command-line utilities to help with translation via po files:
  glom_export_po, glom_import_po, glom_export_po_all.

* Field: Remove get_holder(), get_gda_holder_string(), and 
* ConnectionPool: create_database(): Take a progress slot.
* LayoutGroup: Add a remove_field(parent_table_name, table_name, field_name) 
  method overload, deprecating the existing method overloads.
* LayoutItem_GroupBy: Add get and set methods for members.
* Utils::get_find_where_clause_quick(): Handle an empty value properly.
* Use std::vector instead of std::list, for consistency.
* TranslatableItem: Require the caller to provide the locale to 
  get_title() instead of calling the static set_current_locale() method
  (now removed). This allows Online Glom to use translations, and it is 
  generally good to avoid the static data.
* DbUtils:: Added get_fields_for_table(), 
  get_fields_for_table_one_field(), get_lookup_fields(), and 
* Remove some deprecated methods.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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