GLib 2.30.0

hello everyone.

GLib 2.30.0 has been released.

  d64c00b43409eabb89aad78501fcb1a992b002b314a4414a9bd069585cb7cdc1 glib-2.30.0.tar.xz

This major release of GLib represents 1174 commits from 151 individual
authors, including 35 contributors with 5 or more commits.  Over a dozen
companies have made a substantial contribution to this release.
Countless others have contributed testing, bug reports, packaging,
online support and other valuable work throughout the cycle.

In addition to hundreds of bug fixes and enhancements made this cycle,
the following major features were added:

 - GDBus has been improved by the addition of a high-level object
   manager and code generation facilities that make use of it.  See
   for more information.

 - GLib has added an extensible TLS database where certificates and keys
   can be found and used, laying the foundation for integration with
   smart cards and other key stores.  GLib now also supports HMAC
   hashes (which are used when implementing web technologies like OAuth).

 - The atomic operations have been expanded to include bit operations
   (and, or, xor) and so that all operations are supported on
   pointer-sized operands.  The implementation has been made more
   correct and performant by way of GCC intrinsics and better use of the
   Interlocked API on Windows.  Bitlocks now work on pointer-sized

 - New API has been added to allow UNIX signals to be dispatched via the
   mainloop.  Additionally, there is a new UNIX-specific API to allow
   race-free creation of close-on-exec pipes with a fallback on
   platforms where this is not possible.

 - GMainContext and GCancellable now use eventfd when available, instead
   of less efficient pipe pairs.

 - GApplication now supports non-single-instance applications.

We had one small API break to an interface that wasn't used except from
inside GLib itself: the name of the 'set_state' virtual function call on
the interface of GAction changed to 'change_state' in order to avoid
conflicts with the 'set_state' method on GSimpleAction.  To avoid
compatibility problems, those who will implement GAction going forward
are suggested to assume that this feature appeared for the first time in
this release of GLib.

This release of GLib has had a fantastic amount of work put in by
translators.  Despite being one of the most difficult modules to
translate, we have 100% coverage of 32 languages, including: Assamese,
Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Bulgarian, Canadian
English, Catalan (Valencian), Catalan, Chinese (China), Czech, Danish,
French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean,
Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi,
Russian, Serbian, Serbian Latin, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.
Special mention goes to the translations of Tamil and Esperanto which
were both at approximately 50% last cycle and made it to 100% this
cycle.  12 other languages (Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Taiwan),
Belarusian, Hebrew, Uighur, Finnish, Greek, Romanian, Vietnamese,
Armenian, Japanese, Gujarati) are above the 80% level.

Finally, Chun-wei Fan has invested a substantial effort to ensure that
it is once again possible to build GLib using Visual Studio on Windows.

Release announcements (and more detailed change summaries) for the
individual unstable point releases made during this cycle can be found


I won't try to list everyone who contributed to this release.  You know
who you are; a huge thank you to you all.

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