ANNOUNCE: Transmageddon 0.20

Following the release of the gst-python today I am very happy to
announce a new release of Transmageddon - 0.20.

Transmageddon is an audio and video Transcoder and Remuxer based on
GStreamer. It supports a wide range of formats and hardware device
presets. It relies on bleeding edge versions of GStreamer.

This release features a long list of new features and changes:

* Heavily re-designed user interface
* Port to new plugins-base discoverer and encodebin
* add support for audio only transcoding
* add support for outputting audio only from video+audio files
* Add deinterlacing
* Support container free audio formats such as FLAC, mp3 and AAC
* Add HTML5 and Nokia 900 profile
* add support for video only transcoding
* add support for mpeg1 video and mpeg2 audio

Certain features in Transmageddon relies on bugfixes still only
available with GStreamer git master, but which will be released within
the next couple of Months.

Apart from maybe a small bugfix release this will be the last
Transmageddon release for GStreamer 0.10.x and GTK2, focus going forward
will be on porting to GStreamer 1.0.x and GTK3.

You find more information on the Transmageddon website:

Latest tarball can be found at:

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