WebKitGTK+ 1.7.1 released!

A new WebKitGTK+ unstable release is available. The 1.7 unstable
series of WebKitGTK+ starts with this 1.7.1 release.

md5sum: cbf70a30dbf46997ac70ab0f548f198d

You may also access the unstable branch directly from the SVN

What's new in the WebKitGTK+ 1.7.1 release

  - Fix a problem with scroll adjustments tha made scrollbars become
    out of sync with the page contents.
  - Show title of option control items in a tooltip.
  - Improve scrolling performance for pages containing windowed
  - Use GtkGrid instead of GtkTable in authentication dialogs.
  - Fix compatibility issues with DOM bindings.
  - Fix video pause/play in fullscreen.
  - Add support for pseudo-italics on freetype fonts when italic font
    is requested but Fontconfig gives one that is neither oblique
    nor italic.
  - Fix text rendering issues due to custom fonts which use synthetic
    oblique rendering.
  - Support for client-based geolocation.
  - Add support for sending encoded blob data during network requests.
  - Use SOCK_SEQPACKET when available for sockets used to communicate
    processes in WebKit2.
  - Add gtk-doc support to generate WebKit2 GTK+ API documentation.
  - Implement default error pages in WebKit2.
  - Initial implementation of WebInspector for WebKit2.
  - Implement drag and drop support in WebKit2.
  - TextChecker implementation for WebKit2.
  - Initial implementation of back forward list for WebKit2 GTK+ API.
  - Initial implementation of view settings for WebKit2 GTK+ API.
  - Initial implementation of loader client for WebKit2 GTK+ API.
  - Implement cache model for WebKit2
  - Initial implementation of web context for WebKit2 GTK+ API.
  - Add methods to get/set a custom text enconding to WebKit2 GTK+
  - Add WebKitError to WebKit2 GTK+ API.

This is the first release providing a minimal working WebKit2 GTK+
API. This API is still under design and development, so use it
carefully and take into account that it will change.

What is WebKitGTK+?

WebKitGTK+ is the GNOME platform port of the WebKit rendering engine.
Offering WebKit's full functionality through a set of GObject-based
APIs, it is suitable for projects requiring any kind of web
integration, from hybrid HTML/CSS applications to full-fledged web


libsoup >= 2.33.6
cairo >= 1.10
fontconfig >= 2.4
FreeType2 >= 9.0
libxml >= 2.6

Depending on your configuration options WebKitGTK+ may also depend on:

libxslt >=1.1.7
sqlite >= 3.0
gstreamer >= 0.10
gstreamer-plugin-base >= 0.10.30
enchant >= 0.22

More information

If you want to know more about the project or get in touch with us
you may:

- Visit our website at http://www.webkitgtk.org, or the upstream
  site at http://www.webkit.org. People interested in contributing
  should read: http://www.webkit.org/coding/contributing.html.

- Browse the bug list at http://bugs.webkit.org, WebKitGTK+ bugs are
  typically prefixed by "[GTK]." A bug report with a minimal,
  reproducible test case is often just as valuable as a patch.

- Join the #webkit and #webkit-gtk IRC channels at irc.freenode.net.

- Subscribe to the WebKitGTK+ mailing list,
  http://lists.webkit.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/webkit-gtk, or the
  WebKit's development mailing list,


Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release, they
are far too many to list!

The WebKitGTK+ team,
October 26, 2011

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