DesktopFolders v1.0


I'm pleased to announce the first release of DesktopFolders.

DesktopFolders is a FolderView-like application for the desktop
background, licensed as GPL 3+.

It's written in vala (tested with 0.14.0). Other requirements include
libgee (tested with 0.7.1) and gtk+ 3.x (with its dependencies: glib,
cairo, pango...).

The basic idea is that you have one or more interactive areas in your
desktop background showing the contents of the configured folders.
These areas are views of the real directories. Everything you do in
these areas are also done in the attached folders, they are like small
file browser windows. I think the original idea comes from KDE 4, but
I only run FolderView screenlet for a few days while coding this
program so some ideas and look are taken from it.

More information, screenshots and download link in: or

Iñigo Serna

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