gdl 3.2.0


Sorry about the delay, simply forgot about creating this stable version.

About gdl

GDL adds dockable widgets to GTK+. The user can rearrange those
widgets by drag and drop and layouts can be saved and loaded.
Currently it is used by anjuta, inkscape, gstranslator and others.


* Use maintainer-mode by default (Javier Jardon)
* Translation updates

========  (505K)
  sha256sum: f4839224b7837efb8fbec8666f8a3bb1ce9ea110f06c57a8b9438faa0abab533 (575K)
  sha256sum: 988f715c75755fa59b55fd5127f84ace01cc2d6111c5444c67c7b1f0b9a1626b

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