Mutter 3.3.2

Note: this release moves from GConf to GSettings, and requires
 a new version of gsettings-desktop-schemas to provide schemas
 for settings it shares with Metacity.

About Mutter

Mutter is a window and compositing manager that displays and manages
your desktop via OpenGL. Mutter combines a sophisticated display
engine using the Clutter toolkit with solid window-management logic
inherited from the Metacity window manager.

While Mutter can be used stand-alone, it is primarily intended to be
used as the display core of a larger system such as GNOME Shell. For
this reason, Mutter is very extensible via plugins, which are used
both to add fancy visual effects and to rework the window management
behaviors to meet the needs of the environment.


* Move from GConf to GSettings for preferences [Florian; #635378]
* Add meta_display_add_keybinding()/meta_display_remove_keybinding()
  to allow creating new keybindings at runtime [Florian; #663428]
* Add suport for new _NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSED atom in _NET_WM_STATE
  to allow applications to draw unfocused windows differently
  [Rui; #661427]
* Add meta_window_move_resize_frame() to allow specifying the
  size and position of a window via the outside dimensions of the
  window frame.
* Don't activate window tiling when moving in snap mode
  [Rui; #662270]
* Remove the ability to resize a window from the inner edge of
  the titlebar [Jasper; #660129]
* Fix for deprecations in GTK+ [Jasper, Rico; #662574, #662895]
* Misc bug fixes [Jasper, Rico, Rui; #662895, #642652, #660941, #662225]

 Tim Cuthbertson, Rui Matos, Florian Müllner, Jasper St. Pierre, Rico Tzschichholz

 Jorge González (es), Kjartan Maraas (nb), Krishnababu Krothapalli (te), Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (vi)

========  (1.57M)
  sha256sum: ae8544f3cfc06dcb9c66b818c641624cb0e79361f30fd0362cdd35460192527b (1.92M)
  sha256sum: 37f66b17d6a0a479082a46fc9e2385fed5fc0342c8fd21c30c0df09be4efe2a0

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