Announce: gclip_select 0.5

gclip_select is a small program that allows you to re-select from the text
lines that were selected at one time or another as the X Primary Selection. This
is useful when, in X Windows, if you have selected something using the left
mouse button (as in the convention of the X Windows System) and you later
select something else but want to get back to the earlier selection.

It is written in Vala and is free software under the GNU GPL v3 or later.
It requires gtk+ 2, glib, and gee 1.0.
It is available at

changes in Version 0.5:

     work around the gtk+ behavior which sets the X primary selection for each
     character as you drag-select; now  gclip_select only inserts a new X primary
     selection which was set at least 0.9 sec ago; fix a bug where the X
     selection ownership was by force transferred to this program upon making a new
     selection which was not necessary

Hope this is useful.


Andy Tai, atai atai org, Skype: licheng.tai
Year 2011 民國100年

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