gnome-power-manager 3.1.2

About Power Manager

Power management daemon

Version 3.1.2
Released: 2011-06-13

* Translations
 - Added Afrikaans translation (Friedel Wolff)
 - Added UG translation (Abduxukur Abdurixit)
 - Updated Bengali translation (Jamil Ahmed)
 - Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Djavan Fagundes)
 - Updated Bulgarian translation (Alexander Shopov, Ivaylo Valkov)
 - Updated Catalan translation (Joan Duran, Jordi Serratosa)
 - Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation (Carles Ferrando)
 - Updated Danish translation (Ask H. Larsen)
 - Updated Dutch translation (Wouter Bolsterlee)
 - Updated Esperanto translation (Kristjan SCHMIDT)
 - Updated French translation (Claude Paroz)
 - Updated German translation (Wolfgang Stöggl)
 - Updated Greek translation (George Stefanakis)
 - Updated Italian translation (Milo Casagrande)
 - Updated Japanese translation (Takayoshi OKANO, Takayuki KUSANO)
 - Updated Lithuanian translation (Gintautas Miliauskas)
 - Updated Norwegian bokmål translation (Kjartan Maraas)
 - Updated Serbian translation (Милош Поповић)
 - Updated Simplified Chinese translation (Edison Zhao)
 - Updated Tamil translation (Dr.T.Vasudevan)
 - Updated Traditional Chinese translation (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
 - Updated Turkish translation (Muhammet Kara)
 - Updated Ukranian (Daniel Korostil)
 - Updated Vietnamese translation (Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy)
 - Updated zh_CN translation (Edison Zhao, YunQiang Su, Funda Wang)

* Bugfix:
 - Don't crash if there is no ConsoleKit session. Fixes rh#699020
(Richard Hughes)
 - Use sysfs instead of hal if available (Martin Pitt)
 - If we loose the DBus name, exit (Richard Hughes)
 - Manually update the idle status property (Matthias Clasen)
 - Query gnome-screensaver settings with GSettings (Gary Ching-Pang Lin)
 - Remove GpmTrayIcon (Richard Hughes)
 - Revert "Remove the 'interactive' option for power actions" (Cosimo Cecchi)
 - Use /org/gnome as starting path for schemas (Richard Hughes)

 sha256sum: 93abbec8bce8eb9a41022d5a5494179dd32bc5d6bafbac6f93c4166566616609
 sha256sum: 40f20c8eb6fd1819a9341651bfcc2d9c7aac3dcf337f29a05ba68a73bd85254b

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