ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.11.0 released (unstable)

Where can I get it?

What is it?

Tracker is a semantic data storage for desktop and mobile devices. Tracker uses W3C standards for RDF ontologies using Nepomuk with SPARQL to query and update the data.

Tracker is a central repository of user information, that provides two big benefits for the user; shared data between applications and information which is relational to other information (for example: mixing contacts with files, locations, activities and etc.).

What's New?


  * Require: GSettings (not optional)
  * Require: GObject Introspection 0.9.5 (not optional)
  * Require: GTK+ 3.0 was 2.18.0 (for UI components only)
* Require: Poppler-GLib 0.16.0 was Poppler 0.12.2 (old API was no longer supported)
  * Require: Evolution, EDS, Camel 2.32.0 was 2.91.90 (API changes)
  * Require: rest 0.7 was 0.6 (for Flickr distro library updates)
  * Require: GStreamer 0.10.31 was 0.10.12 (for GstDateTime)
  * Removed: libtracker-client (was deprecated in 0.8)
  * Removed: GConf (replaced by GSettings)

New Features:

  * Support: MeeGoTouch (for application extraction)
  * libtracker-sparql: Remove deprecated drop_graph API
* tracker-extract: Completely relicensed all modules and the extractor to LGPL from GPL * tracker-extract: Use two threads now for extraction, a controller and worker thread * tracker-extract: Refactored the module management so modules can state mimes supported flexibly * tracker-extract: Support extra string for WHERE patterns when calling modules
  * tracker-extract: Much improvement to the logging
  * tracker-extract: Added EPub extractor module
* tracker-control: Report remaining estimated time for each miner's progress


  * Updated ca: Gil Forcada
  * Updated cs: Marek Černocký
  * Updated da: Joe Hansen
  * Updated de: Mario Blättermann, Markus Schley
  * Updated el: Georgios Stefanakis, Kostas Papadimas
  * Updated eo: Kristjan SCHMIDT
  * Updated es: Daniel Mustieles
  * Updated fr: Claude Paroz
  * Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
  * Updated pl: Piotr Drąg
  * Updated pt_BR: Gabriel F. Vilar
  * Updated sl: Andrej Žnidaršič
  * Updated sv: Daniel Nylander
  * Updated zh_CN: Yinghua Wang


  The database version has been incremented, this will force a
  reindex for any existing Tracker installation.

  Existing configurations should have migration paths to new GSettings
  based format.

  Of all the requirement changes listed above, the only GSettings and
  GObject Introspection are absolutely required to build Tracker, the
  others are optional depending on components being built. These are
  also only when building from git, not a distributed tarball (which
  should have the m4 macros packaged).

Where can I find out more?

You can visit the project web site:

07 June 2011
Tracker team

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