GLib 2.29.6

GLib 2.29.6 is now available for download at:


The is another development snapshot of the 2.29 series.

Overview of changes from GLib 2.29.4 to 2.29.6

* Atomic operations have been rewritten from scratch to make use
  of gcc builtins where possible. As a side-effect of this, calls
  to g_atomic_ API with explicit casts may now be problematic; if
  that happens to you, try first to remove the casts. Another
  side-effect of the rewrite is that g_atomic_int_exchange_and_add
  has been deprecated in favor of g_atomic_int_add.

* A full set of atomic operations on pointers has been added,
  including bit locks in pointer-size locations.

* Access to quarks is now lockless

* GObject data scalability has been greatly improved

* g_data_time_format now supports alternative digits and padding

* Introspection improvements:
 - Add a boxed type for GVariantBuilder
 - Annotation fixes in GDBus, GVariant, g_base64_

* Bugs fixed:
 502560 g_rand_double_range returns 'inf'
 612729 g_mkdir_with_parents can fail if the directory already exists
 617491 g_once() implementation is inefficient
 619418 Add a performance test for UTF-8 decoding functions
 619435 Make g_utf8_to_ucs4_fast() yet faster
 631231 bitlock: Fix detection and usage of futexes with Bionic
 632294 g_queue_remove() should return a boolean
 640518 GMainLoop has quadratic complexity when all pollfd's...
 642026 Race condition in g_static_private_free
 646635 Fix introspection of GLib
 648678 g_date_time_format(): support %O flags for localized numbers
 649480 Use MSG_CMSG_CLOEXEC in recvmsg in gio/gsocket.c
 649506 GTestFunc et al lacking Since tag
 649657 Don't return gboolean for functions that throw
 649775 glib-gio-gdbuscodegen-Makefile.patch
 649915 gsettings accepts unquoted strings longer than two characters
 649973 gthread: build unix tests only on unix
 649988 gdbus-codegen: Drop dependency on argparse
 650078 forkbomb building glib/tests/protocol
 650211 Optimization in key file parsing
 650236 Application over DBus implements action state incorrectly
 650345 g_key_file_has_key_full: New function to fix...
 650458 reduce overhead in g_object_set/get_data
 650459 hash table consistency while calling destroy notify funcs
 650688 enforce rules about hash table modification
 650823 expand the set of atomic ops
 650874 codegen chokes on docs
 650882 use stdout instead of stderr for informational messages
 650884 fix compilation with gcc2
 650885 implement glib credentials on OpenBSD (hackish)
 650935 G_GNUC_MAY_ALIAS and atomic ops
 651009 minor documentation fix
 651034 Regarding g_cond_wait after g_thread_pool_push in gthreaded...
 651133 race condition in GDBusConnection's emit_signal_instance_in_...
 651141 hashtable infinite loop
 651219 fix path to true(1) on OpenBSD
 651223 Fix some compile warnings on OpenBSD
 651327 Minor fixes for the gsocket API
 651467 Add pointer sized bitlocks
 651650 gdbus: Avoid busy wait loop
 651725 gmain: Cleanups and a new test case
 651745 Switch to _ prefixing rather than G_GNUC_INTERNAL

* Updated translations:
 Catalan (Valencian)

Thanks to all contributors
Chun-wei Fan
Colin Walters
Dan Winship
David Zeuthen
Ray Strode
Ryan Lortie
Martin Pitt
Giovanni Campagna
Maarten Bosmans
Benjamin Otte
Philip Withnall
Javier Jardón
Emmanuele Bassi
John Lindgren
Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse
Antoine Jacoutot
Marc-André Lureau
Richard Hughes
David Schleef
Simon McVittie
Neil Roberts
Alexander Larsson
Matthew Barnes
Mikhail Zabaluev
Paolo Bonzini

June 4, 2011
Matthias Clasen

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