gjs 1.29.15

A new release of gjs is available.  This update breaks the ABI for
both scripts and some embedders.

Notable script changes:

* For array/length pairs, the "length" argument is no longer included
in argument lists.  This change only actively breaks code when further
arguments come after an array length, but you should adjust your
scripts as neeeded.
* There is new API in Lang.js to wrap JavaScript features.
* There is now a GDBus API, in parallel with the old dbus.js.

For embedders, the internal gobject-introspection related headers are
no longer installed.  Some of them may come back in the future,
though.  See: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=654385

Adel Gadllah (1):
      Examples: Add missing semicolon in http-server

Colin Walters (30):
      configure: Post-release version bump
      testGI: Remove; GLib.file_get_contents() changed, and it was useless
      testJS1_8.js: Fix destructuring bind test
      testGIMarshalling.js: Remove test_array_nested_in()
      console: Remove unwanted g_debug prints
      arg: Always zero-terminate int and float arrays
      gjs-unit: Squash memory leaks so my valgrind output is cleaner
      Handle inout array/length pairs more correctly
      gjs.supp: Update valgrind suppression file
      gjs-unit: Squash more memory leaks to clean valgrind
      tests: Adapt testByteArray() to new gimarshallingtests
      gjs-unit: One more memory leak
      gjs-unit: Allow running just one test case
      testGIMarshalling.js: Delete test case which mutates string list
      function: Add a missing break;, close memory leak for inout arrays
      arg.c: Remove unused but set variable
      arg.c: Explicitly convert array(guint8) to byteArray
      Export that we support srcdir != builddir
      Gio.js: Quiet a compiler warning
      Merge gi.so into gjs.so
      configure: Accept Fedora's "libjs" for js185
      Revert "configure: Accept Fedora's "libjs" for js185"
      ship autogen.sh
      testJSDefault: Remove unnecessary import
      Ship a copy of the LGPLv2
      arg.c: Integer array conversion: Avoid use of zero-sized C
arrays in unions
      Remove SIGSEGV, SIGABRT handlers
      configure: Require g-i 0.29.15 for gdbus changes
      build: Update release automation from g-i
      configure: Bump version to 1.29.15 to correspond with g-i

Dan Winship (3):
      gi: simplify gjs_invoke_c_function() argument bookkeeping
      gi: implement array+length for return value, out, and inout
      gi: don't try to directly allocate structs that we don't know the size of

Emmanuele Bassi (1):
      dbus: Add conversion rule for 'q' to JS

Giovanni Campagna (14):
      Support in arrays of any type
      Rework how special arguments are marshalled
      Revert "gjs-unit: Allow running just one test case"
      Update suppression file
      Support marshalling arguments that are GVariants
      GVariant: add JS wrappers for packing and unpacking
      Add a JS GDBus convenience layer
      GIRepositoryNamespace: define properties early to avoid reentrancy
      Lang.bind: Use Function.bind() if we're not currying
      Lang.js: Add defineAccessorProperty
      Fix (allow-none) for arrays
      Fix converting to GByteArrays from strings or arrays
      Complete porting to GDBus
      Port DBus tests to GDBus

Johan Dahlin (1):
      Remove All Rights Reserved. for code originating from Litl

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