[ANNOUNCE] Vala Toys for gEdit 0.12.0

I'm proud to announce the release of Vala Toys for gEdit version 0.12.0!

As always you can download it from:


This version supports the valac from version 0.12.x

NEWS for version 0.12.0

* Supports for Gtk+ 3.0 and gEdit 3.0
* Improved build system for project templates
* Afrodite: api cleanup and a lot of bug fixing and refactory
* Vala Toys: speedup outliner view
* Vala Toys: added multiproject support to goto document dialog
* Vala Toys: new icons in the project view
* Test suite: added a new integrity test

and an extract from the previous unstable releases:

* Experimental GENIE support (you need Genie support from GtkSourceView
  see: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=576141).
  This feature is just a preview on what afrodite can and will do,
  and it's very unstable :)
* Various fixes in the Vbf autotools backend
* Symbol picker combos in the source editor
* Go to outer scope command
* Find symbol in project dialog
* Automatic management of projects. Eg. when you open
  a source that belong to a project that project will
  be opened (and closed) automatically. 
  Turned off by default and should be enabled in the config dialog.

Vala Toys for gEdit

Vala Toys for gEdit is an experimental collection of plugins that
extends the gEdit editor to make it a better developer editor. 

Vtg tries to make less compromises as possible so, for now, its scope is
narrowed only to support the Vala programming language.

Vtg is written in Vala itself and it is currently composed of just one
plugin with four modules and it adds to gEdit: 

      * Bracket completion
      * Symbol completion
      * Project Manager - based on the gnome build framework library 
      * Project build / execute

For more information see:





Detailed changelog from version 0.10.0 to version 0.12.0

Bugs fixed:
   111: Project tree contains src dir as source node file
   157: Compilation failure with 0.10.1 on 64-bit Fedora
   165: Bugs in parsing Makefiles and Resolve Symbols
   166: gedit is stuck in an infinite loop when opening some files
   168: vtg installs in wrong directory
   169: VTG doesn't install into /usr
   170: VTG installs docs into wrong directory
   171: VTG should have an ability to be built without afrodite
   172: VTG can't be compiled without afrodite because of Makefile error
   173: opening glib-2.0.vapi makes vtg very unstable

The Vala Toys developer

        Andrea Del Signore

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