ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.11.1 released (unstable)

Where can I get it?

What is it?

Tracker is a semantic data storage for desktop and mobile devices. Tracker uses W3C standards for RDF ontologies using Nepomuk with SPARQL to query and update the data.

Tracker is a central repository of user information, that provides two big benefits for the user; shared data between applications and information which is relational to other information (for example: mixing contacts with files, locations, activities and etc.).

What's New?

  * New Feature: Firefox >= 4.0 support
  * New Feature: Thunderbird >= 5.0 support
* New Feature: Add --disable-journal configure option, previously it didn't exist
  * Fixes: GB#654653, miner: don't use G_CONST_RETURN
  * Fixes: GB#654407, sqlite: implement get_property() for n-columns
* Fixes: GB#652433, Progress signal gives faulty value just before finishing * Fixes: NB#271389, Extraction of album art fails for a particular .mp3 file * Fixes: NB#254896, tracker-miner-fs should resume pause if pausing clients crash
  * Fixes: NB#274498, Adding tag to song causes update quad flood
  * Fixes: NB#274181, Attached file's album art is not extracted right
  * Fixes: NB#271747, [TASK] Support xsd:date
* Fixes: NB#273120, After disconnecting from USB mass storage mode apps takes a long time to display content
  * Fixes: NB#269986, Poor performnace with different music files
  * Fixes: NB#270774, [TASK] Improve UpdateArray performance
  * Fixes: NB#259942, Corrupted symbols for Cyrillic mp3 tags
* Fixes: NB#269766, Make TrackerProcessingTask refcounted to avoid double free * Fixes: NB#269931, Some particular JPG files are never indexed by Tracker * Fixes: NB#268105, [TASK] Disabled full journaling to improve user data privacy * Fixes: NB#269359, tracker-control got crashed at tracker_control_status_run when the file system is full * Fixes: NB#266579, tracker_sparql_connection_get starts emitting GLIB CRITICALS when called again after failure * Fixes: NB#251032, Corrupted thumbnails are displayed for few minutes when multiple images are deleted
  * Fixes: NB#263203, tracker-store fails to start when out of disk space
  * Fixes: NB#261635, Improve pinyin sorting
  * Ontology: Set tracker:writeback true for nfo:Heading
  * SPARQL: Add support for HAVING
  * SPARQL: Add support for COALESCE
  * libtracker-data: Fix leak in db_get_locale
  * libtracker-data: Do not print critical if db-locale.txt does not exist
* libtracker-data: Switch to manual SQLite WAL checkpointing in a separate thread * libtracker-data: Make sure we don't leak sql_dir on multiple _init() calls * libtracker-miner: translate monitor events CREATE(a)+MOVE(a->b)=UPDATE(b) * libtracker-miner: Make sure status is set to 'Idle' on object construction
  * libtracker-miner: Fix inconsistent status with progress signals
  * libtracker-miner: Fix -0.00 progress being reported
  * libtracker-miner: Make sure "Processing..." is 2% or higher in progress
  * libtracker-extract: Use nfo:heading instead of nmm:direction
* libtracker-extract: Support extraction of EXIF/XMP GPS information for images
  * libtracker-extract: Ignore keywords containing invalid UTF-8
  * libtracker-extract: Do not use G_CONST_RETURN
* tracker-store: Check XDG directories after initializing log to reduce start up stdout spam
  * tracker-store: Improve UpdateArray performance
  * tracker-extract: MP3: Use guessed ID3v1 8-bit encoding also for ID3v2
  * tracker-extract: Playlist: Limit playlists to 1000 entries
  * tracker-extract: handle RealMedia files with the GStreamer extractor
* tracker-writeback: Refactor writeback so miner-fs performs more of the operation itself
  * tracker-writeback: Deprecate IgnoreNextUpdate API
* tracker-writeback: Support longitude, latitude and altitude information to XMP files * tracker-writeback: Always clear existing XMP fields before updating metadata * tracker-miner-fs: Check XDG directories after initializing log to reduce start up stdout spam * tracker-control: Added --pause-for-process for potentially crash worthy processes
  * tracker-control: Fix crash when unable to get miner pause details
  * tracker-search: Support bookmarks with -b or --bookmarks
  * tracker-preferences: Fix apply button


  * Updated cs: Marek Černocký
  * Updated es: Daniel Mustieles
  * Updated nb: Kjartan Maraas
  * Updated pt_BR: Gabriel Speckhahn
  * Updated sl: Andrej Žnidaršič
  * Updated sv: Daniel Nylander
  * Updated zh_CN: Yinghua Wang

Where can I find out more?

You can visit the project web site:

29 July 2011
Tracker team

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