ANNOUNCE: libpeas 1.1.1

Hi everybody,

I am very proud to announce today a new release of libpeas - the gobject-based plugin engine, used by totem, gedit, eog, rhythmbox and others - in its latest version 1.1.1.

libpeas is a gobject-based plugins engine, and is targeted at giving every application the chance to assume its own extensibility.

== Changes since last version ==
Garrett Regier (8):
      Don't show hidden plugins in the PeasGtkDisablePluginsDialog
      Cleanup PeasExtensionWrapper
      Assert if not all the log hooks were popped
      Show all of the untriggered log hooks
      Avoid a format string warning
      Fix PeasPluginLoaderClass VFunc alignment
      Fix distcheck
      Release 1.1.1

Steve Frécinaux (5):
      Post-release version bump for 1.1.1
      Check if the created extension implements the interface.
      Make the extension wrapper a private class.
      Deprecate all the PeasExtension API.
      Do not create a wrapper around C extension instances.

== Download and useful links ==

The home page is:

libpeas is available for download here:

You can find the git repository here:

The bug tracker is:

The irc channel is:
#libpeas on GimpNet

The mailing list is:
libpeas-list gnome org

Garrett Regier

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