Announce: mousetweaks 3.1.4

Dear reader,

Mousetweaks version 3.1.4 has been released and can be downloaded from:  (1.94M)
  sha256sum: f15fd353e25c917c921f3539d67eee058a9d0540eeea0da22a4d891352914c33 (2.12M)
  sha256sum: d94c155ac5ef636b4d14a37de1622a75c98ce5ec29422793285184f6d9a50167

What is mousetweaks ?

The Mousetweaks package provides mouse accessibility enhancements for
the GNOME desktop. The enhancements are:
1. It offers a way to perform the various clicks without using any
hardware button. (hover click)

2. It allows users to perform a secondary click by keeping the primary
mousebutton pressed for a determined amount of time. (simulated
secondary click)

3. For desktops using the gnome-panel, it provides two panel applets that
the user can install on the gnome-panels.
- The first applet provides an alternative way to control the hover click.
- The second applet creates an area on the panel into which the pointer
  can be captured until the user releases it with a predefined button
  and modifier combination.

The hover click and the simulated secondary click can be accessed through
the Universal Access control panel in the GNOME Control Center. The applets
however can only be accessed on the gnome-panel.

What is new in this release ?

Misc changes, improvements and fixes:

    - Delete wrong statement about dependency raising in section 3.1.2 of
      NEWS file, bgo #652529

New and updated translations:

    [lt] Aurimas Černius

Many thanks to all contributors.

Best regards,

The MouseTweaks team

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