ANNOUNCE: Zeitgeist 0.8.1 released

On behalf of the Zeitgeist team I am proud to announce the release of
Zeitgeist 0.8.1 "The Snake and the Holy Grail".

This release features mostly enhancements to the Python API, and
some engine stability improvements.

What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users's activities and events,
anywhere from files opened to websites
visited and conversations, and makes this information readily
available for other applications to use. It is also
able to establish relationships between items based on similarity and
usage patterns.

Launchpad Project (with bug tracker):
Wiki:, (

See also:

* Sub-projects of Zeitgeist:
 - Extensions for Zeitgeist -
 - Data-sources for Zeitgeist -
 - Datahub for Zeitgeist -

* Dedicated Graphical User Interfaces:
 - GNOME Activity Journal -
 - Activity Log Manager -
 - Other users: Synapse, Unity, etc.

Where can you get it?

What has changed?


 - Added a GetDataSourceFromId D-Bus method to the data-source registry
   extension (LP: #691690).
 - A backup of the database is created before attempting schema upgrades. If
   something goes wrong, the backup is automatically restored (LP: #660307).
 - Fixed the "extensions" D-Bus property when it's an empty list (LP: #787691).
 - Add PID to the output being logged in ~/.cache/ (LP: #806030).
 - Ensure the engine doesn't attempt to close twice in a row (LP: #793714).
 - Minor memory usage improvements.

Python API:

 - Changed _DBusInterface to update introspected data after reconnections.
 - Added support for registering custom Event and Subject subclasses with
   ZeitgeistClient (LP: #799199).
 - Fixed reconnection after a Zeitgeist restart so that the method call trig-
   gering the reconnection also works -and not only later calls- (LP: #736176).
 - Added signal reconnection on engine restart for extensions (LP: #806967).
 - Added an "iteritems()" method to all enumerations (RelevantResultType,
   StorageState and ResultType).
 - Added a "from_timestamp(timestamp)" method to TimeRange.

Kind regards,

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Free Software Developer

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