libgdata 0.9.1 released

libgdata 0.9.1 is now available from:


Note that this is the first micro release in the 0.9.x line of
*unstable* releases which will eventually lead to a stable 0.10.0
release. This is because libgdata has switched to a traditional even–odd/stable–unstable
versioning scheme.

This release adds some GDestroyNotify parameters to key query methods
(breaking API) in order to make them introspectable. From C, it should
suffice to just pass NULL to these new parameters.

It also includes some minor API additions, and a massive reworking of
the test suites so that the tests no longer depend on each other and
are all self-contained. This should make it easier to add tests in

About libgdata

libgdata is a GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using
the GData protocol — most notably, Google's services. It provides APIs
to access the common Google services, and has full asynchronous support.

Overview of changes from libgdata 0.9.0 to libgdata 0.9.1

Major changes:
* Added GDestroyNotify parameters to query-type methods so that they're properly introspectable, breaking API (see below)
* Fixed seeking in GDataDownloadStream
* Made the tests individually idempotent, so the test suites should be less of a tangled mess now
* Fixed uploading to non-default PicasaWeb albums
* Fixed GDataAuthorizer to re-process requests after refreshing, involving a slight change to the semantics of GDataAuthorizer (see bgo#653535)
* Ensure that Google Contacts uses HTTPS for everything
* Fixed the IDs used for Google Documents so that deleting documents now consistently works, even when they're in folders

API changes:
* Changed the following methods, adding GDestroyNotify parameters for their progress user data parameters:
  - gdata_access_handler_get_rules_async()
  - gdata_service_query_async()
  - gdata_calendar_service_query_all_calendars_async()
  - gdata_calendar_service_query_own_calendars_async()
  - gdata_calendar_service_query_events_async()
  - gdata_contacts_service_query_contacts_async()
  - gdata_contacts_service_query_groups_async()
  - gdata_documents_service_query_documents_async()
  - gdata_picasaweb_service_query_all_albums_async()
  - gdata_picasaweb_service_query_files_async()
  - gdata_youtube_service_query_standard_feed_async()
  - gdata_youtube_service_query_videos_async()
  - gdata_youtube_service_query_related_async()
* Added GDataCalendarQuery:max-attendees, gdata_calendar_query_get_max_attendees(), gdata_calendar_query_set_max_attendees()
* Added GDataCalendarQuery:show-deleted, gdata_calendar_query_show_deleted(), gdata_calendar_query_set_show_deleted()
* Added gdata_picasaweb_service_get_user_async(), gdata_picasaweb_service_get_user_finish()

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 649728 — Add introspection annotations for documents_service_query(_async)
* Bug 639405 — Add max-attendees query parameter
* Bug 637664 — Fix GSeekable interface implementation in GDataDownloadStream
* Bug 633359 — Make tests individually idempotent
* Bug 653535 — Let GDataAuthorizer re-process request after refreshing
* Bug 653530 — Bogus run-time warnings
* Bug 653224 — Add gdata_picasaweb_service_get_user_async()

Updated translations:
* ca, ca@valencia (Joan Duran)
* cs (Andre Klapper)
* de (Mario Blättermann)
* es (Daniel Mustieles)
* fi (Tommi Vainikainen)
* gl (Fran Diéguez)
* he (Yaron Shahrabani)
* lt (Aurimas Černius)
* ru (Yuri Kozlov)
* sl (Matej Urbančič)
* sr (Мирослав Николић)
* sv (Daniel Nylander)
* tr (Muhammet Kara)

Philip Withnall
July 4, 2011

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