ANNOUNCE: libpeas 0.7.1

Hi everybody,

I am very proud to announce today a new release of libpeas - the gobject-based plugin engine, used by totem, gedit, vinagre, eog and others - in its latest version 0.7.1.

libpeas is a gobject-based plugins engine, and is targetted at giving every application the chance to assume its own extensibility.

For this release I'd like to address a special thanks to Garett Regier, who did an awesome work for this release.

== Changes since last version ==

Dan Williams (3):
      Fix iteration of GCallable arguments
      Revert "Fix iteration of GCallable arguments"
      Fix handling of g_callable_info_get_n_args()

Fran Diéguez (1):
      Updated Galician translations

Garrett Regier (65):
Clarify that peas_engine_get_plugin_info() searches for the module name
      Fix loading plugins with an invalid dependency
      Fix peas_engine_get_loaded_plugins() when there are not plugins.
Fix peas_engine_set_loaded_plugins() when no plugins are to be loaded.
      Remove old comment
      Remove PeasParameterArray from public header.
      Fix emitting PeasExtensionSet::extension-removed
      Fix remaining s/libpeasui/libpeas-gtk/ issues
      Unload plugins in dispose to prevent segv
      Don't show a plugin's description if it is NULL
      Add a note in the docs about PeasEngine:loaded-plugins
      Make the PeasEngine search-path docs make sense
      Added G_GNUC_CONST to _get_type() that were missing it
      Plug a memory leak in peas_extension_call_valist()
      Warn if we fail to find the method in introspection.
      Fix some doc strings (replace PeasUI with PeasGtk)
      Add a warning if IAge is not found when creating PeasPluginInfo
Fix not emitting notify::loaded-plugins when PeasEngine is being destroyed
      Added missing G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS to PeasObjectModule
      Add a test-suite
      Do not scan for plugins when constructed as there are no search paths
Add a note in the plugin manager store about the plugin info and unreffing
      Reduce the number of allocations in calling methods via GI
      Correctly set the libdir under win32
      Remove unused variable
      Fix seed extensions
      Fix memory leak in PeasPluginInfo
      Fix a memory leak in the tests caused by resident modules
      Fix memory leak in libpeas-gtk tests by freeing tree paths
      Free PeasEngine after all tests have run
      Use libtool --mode=execute instead of .libs/lt-$$test_prog
      Split common code to Makefile.tests
      Add a make rule for running the tests under valgrind
      Override properties in PeasExtension subclasses
      Added tests for valid and invalid plugin icons
      Allow the Icon in *.plugin to be located in the data dir
      Added tests for custom icons
Override class handlers instead of signals in PeasGtkPluginManagerView
      PeasPluginManager and View cleanup and style fixes
      More PeasUI to PeasGtk fixes
      Use gtk_widget_destroy instead of g_object_unref in libpeas-gtk tests
      Add tests for PeasGtkPluginManager's about and configure dialogs
      Update DemoWindow to use peas_engine_get_default()
      Rework the peas-demo UI by putting the manager in the main window
      Fix implementing an interface without a VFunc invoker
      Don't use peas_extension_call() in tests
      Don't use PeasActivatable in PeasExtension test
Delete the callable-python test plugin as it was accidentally committed
      Moved PeasExtension test functions to libtesting
      Added Python version of PeasExtension tests
      Fix creating reports with failing tests
      Added test for OS dependant help
      Annotation and documentation fixes
      Fix GI Annotations for va_rarg, va_list and alternative functions
      Add a demo rule to the toplevel
Added test for implementing interface with a vfunc that has no invoker
      Test peas_extension_call() before calling interface vfunc
      Fix implementing interface vfuncs on 64bit
      Fixed and added file copyrights and #include <config.h>
      Emit notify::show-builtin when show-builtin is set
Fix emitting PeasEngine::unload-plugin when unloading plugins in dispose
      Delete no longer used test file
      Revert "Free PeasEngine after all tests have run"
      Do not create the window twice in testing_show_widget()
      Added Seed version of PeasExtension tests

Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (1):
      Revert "Added --pkg-export option for g-ir-scanner."

Javier Jardón (1): remove unneded call to autopoint

Jonh Wendell (1):
      Fix an typo in previous commit

Khaled Hosny (2):
      Add Arabic translation
      Add Arabic to LINGUAS file

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Michal Hruby (1):
      Added --pkg-export option for g-ir-scanner.

Paolo Borelli (1):
      Plug some memory leaks

Steve Frécinaux (11):
      Post-release version bump for 0.7.1
      Fix the example of a plugin info file in docs.
      Add autopoint-generated files to .gitignore.
      Ensure the .pc files dependencies are up to date.
      Update gobject-introspection requirement to match actual requirements
Automatically load the PeasGtk typelib when using PeasGtkPluginManager
      Use dispose() instead of finalize() to unref extension instances.
      Do not call peas_activatable_deactivate() twice in DemoWindow
      peas-demo: use peas_engine_get_default()
      Add tests/libpeas/extension-{python,seed}.c in POTFILES.skip
      Fix build when srcdir != builddir

== Download and useful links ==

The home page is:

libpeas is available for download here:

You can find the git repository here:

The bug tracker is:

The irc chan is:
#libpeas on GimpNet

The mailing list is:
libpeas-list gnome org

Steve Frécinaux

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