ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.9.34 released (unstable)

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:

Where can I get it?

What's New?

The changes are:

  * Fixes NB#198003: libtracker-miner: Improve SPARQL connection error handling
  * Fixes NB#211147: libtracker-data: Update domain indexes on type statement insert
  * Fixes NB#216329: tracker-store: Reinitialize signals after failed backup or restore
  * Fixes NB#216350: libtracker-data: Fix double free in ontology cache code
  * Fixes NB#217575: libtracker-data: Update rdf:type table when deleting type statements
  * Fixes NB#218123: SLO: Fixed maxCardinality of some properties
  * Fixes NB#218560: Fix assertion failure when ontology cache fails to load
  * Ontology: Make SLO an ontology that is installed by default
  * Ontology: Fixed maxCardinality and deprecated annotations in MLO
  * libtracker-data: Fix double unref on shutdown
  * libtracker-data: Fix memory leak in gvdb writing
  * libtracker-data: Update statistics when bypassing buffer for deletes
  * libtracker-data: Fix tracker_ontologies_get_classes
  * libtracker-sparql: Shutdown backends when finalizing connection
  * libtracker-common: Improve tracker_dbus_request_* API
  * tracker-extract: Relicense from GPL to LGPL
  * tracker-extract: TIFF: SLO ontology porting
  * tracker-extract: PNG: SLO ontology porting
  * tracker-extract: PDF: SLO ontology porting
  * tracker-extract: JPEG SLO ontology porting
  * tracker-extract: GIF: SLO ontology porting
  * tracker-writeback: SLO ontology porting
  * tracker-needle: Use nco:publisher if nco:creator is not available for documents

  * Updated cz: Marek Cernocky
  * Updated de: Mario Blättermann
  * Updated pt_BR: Mateus Zenaide
  * Updated se: Daniel Nylander
  * Updated sl: Andrej Žnidaršič, Matej Urbančič



13 January 2011
Tracker team

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