Nemiver 0.8.1 is now available

This is essentially a bug fixing release. Please find below the formal
announcement and list of changes.

What is Nemiver?

nemiver is a standalone graphical debugger that integrates well
in the GNOME desktop environment.  It currently features a
backend which uses the GNU debugger GDB for debugging C/C++

Where to get it?

This release is available as a source package in tar.gz and
tar.bz2 formats and can be downloaded from:

The home page of the Nemiver project is at

What's Changed in this release?

Andrej Žnidaršič:
      Updated Slovenian translation

Bruno Brouard:
      Updated French translation
      Updated French translation

Dodji Seketeli:
      Fix string typo (Close #633445)
      Fix buffer setting in SourceEditor (Closes: #633561)
      Handle BP setting w/o debug info (Closes: #634224)
      Better BP re-setting on restart (Closes: #634227)
      Safer session data clearing (Closes: #634228)
      Don't boldify file path in locate dialog (Closes: #633563)
      Show asm in the right SourceEditor (Closes #633565)
      Restart without exception (Closes: #634406)
      Treat GDB communication as raw data (Closes: #634834)
      Fix count-point toggling thinko (Close: #635935)
      Ignore GDB init file on restart (Closes: #635928)
      Allow restarting after GDB dies (Closes: #635956)
      Remove dead code

Jakob Kramer:
      [l10n] Updated German translation

Joe Hansen:
      Updated Danish translation

Jorge González:
      Updated Spanish translation

Marek Černocký:
      Updated Czech translation

Mario Blättermann:
      [l10n] Updated German translation

Matej Urbančič:
      Added Slovenian translation
      Added sl for Slovenian translation

Petr Kovar:
      Update Czech translation by Marek Cernocky

Takeshi AIHANA:
      Updated Japanese translation.

      Add Chinese (China) help translation.


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