gjs-0.7.11 released

Version 0.7.11

4d06889ab5d57e6e9b9d44e9bc467849da55b3913656528ad4e6e2dcd7e5cae7 gjs-0.7.11.tar.bz2
7e1283b63be126023db348c1d19d8cbcf98535ca8684dd95cfd77c05cdf7173b gjs-0.7.11.tar.gz

About Gjs:
  Gjs allows using GNOME libraries from Javascript. It's based on the
  Spidermonkey Javascript engine from Mozilla and the GObject
  introspection framework.

 * Add gjs_context_maybe_gc() which is similar to JS_MaybeGC but
   tries to account for native allocations made directly from libc
   when determining if GC is useful. Also invoke after creating
   new native objects. [Colin]
 * Adapt to additional xulrunner 2.0 changes [Marc-Antoine]
 * Add back debugger module, with single nativeTrap() function to
   trigger debugger breakpoint [Joe]
 * Fix bug with looking up namespaced native modules [Tommi]
 * Memory leak fix [Tommi]
 * Build fixes [Colin, Jasper]

 Tommi Komulainen, Marc-Antoine Perennou, Joe Shaw, Colin Walters

Bugs fixed:
 639167	memory leak in DBus.bus.acquire_name
 640790	spidermonkey should know about object size
 641391	re-add debugger module, with a nativeTrap() function which calls G_BREAKPOINT
 642186	xulrunner API: strict mode support changed some callbacks

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