Hi All

A new unstable development release of the Python bindings
for GTK-2 has been released.

The new release is available from ftp.gnome.org and its mirrors
as soon as its synced correctly:


PyGtk 2.24 will be the last release in the PyGtk series. It
will support the GTK-2.24 API. New users wising to develop
Python applications using GTK are recommended to use the
GObject-Introspection features available in PyGObject.
Existing authors of PyGtk applications are also
recommended to port their applications to PyGObject
if they wish to take advantage of new features appearing
in GTK-3.0 and beyond. More information on PyGObject
and the GObject-Introspection features can be found at;


What's New:
New features since PyGtk-2.22.0
 * Many windows build fixes (Dieter Verfaillie, #371317)
 * Fix mainloop hangs with signalfd (Philippe, Juha, Dieter, #638780, #640738)
 * Fix TypeError when running tests (Pacho, Gilles, Tomeu, Martin,
Dieter, #636589)
 * gtk.gdk.GC.set_clip_mask() should accept None (Dieter, #638994)
 * gtk.AboutDialog.set_program_name() should accept None (Dieter)
 * Add "import gtk; gtk.require('2.0')" statements to the examples (Dieter)
 * Add GTK-2.24 API (John Stowers)

Bug reports, as always, should go to Bugzilla; check out
http://pygtk.org/developer.html and http://pygtk.org/feedback.html for
links to posting and querying bug reports for PyGTK.

John Stowers

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