[libpeas] ANNOUNCE: libpeas 0.7.2

Hi everybody,

I am very proud to announce today a new release of libpeas - the gobject-based plugin engine, used by totem, gedit, vinagre, eog and others - in its latest version 0.7.2.

libpeas is a gobject-based plugins engine, and is targeted at giving every application the chance to assume its own extensibility.

== Changes since last version ==
Garrett Regier (37):
Fix PeasEngine's dispose
Add a test for reloading plugins
Fix typo in os-dependant-help and add it to Makefile.am
Add a test for an invalid loader
Fix disable-loader test and expand it
Check that the plugin is loaded before creating an extension
Don't rescan for plugins in the tests
Fix disabling a loader multiple times
Have GSlice debug when running tests, except for valgrind
Add a make rule for running the tests under callgrind
Make PeasEngine a proper singleton
Move the module support check to constructor
Fix PeasEngine to be capable of being created multiple times
Port tests to creating a new engine for each test
Added peas_engine_shutdown()
Added a test for running PeasEngine's dispose
Fix PeasEngine:loaded-plugins to return a proper array of strings
Make peas_engine_shutdown() semi-private
Don't return NULL in the constructor
Added the view property to PeasPluginManager
Add a GtkBuilder test
Add Glade catalog for libpeas-gtk
Fix testing_show_widget()
Renamed invalid-loader test to nonexistent-loader
Show a tooltip for unavailable plugins
Replace plugin loader disabling with enabling
Add (array zero-terminated=1) annotation to API
Validate function arguments
State why C plugins are resident
Don't link to libpeas in test Introspection
Fix two clang warnings
Added optional engine parameter back to libpeas-gtk API
Allow the engine to be NULL in PeasExtensionSet
Allow multiple instances of PeasEngine
Check that the manager's view has the same engine
Lazy load the plugin loaders
Drop peas_plugin_info_get_keys()

Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (1):
Add padding to public classes.

Marek Černocký (1):
Updated Czech translation

Mario Blättermann (1):
[l10n] Updated German translation

Michal Hruby (1):
Add missing EXPORT_PACKAGES, bump required gobject-introspection version

Steve Frécinaux (6):
Post-release version bump for 0.7.2
Fix PeasExtensionSet example to comply with the latest behaviour.
Do not marshall out arguments in extension subclasses
Fix comment style to avoid puzzling gtk-doc
Fix building libpeas when it is not installed yet.
Make the interface age 0.

== Download and useful links ==

The home page is:

libpeas is available for download here:

You can find the git repository here:

The bug tracker is:

The irc channel is:
#libpeas on GimpNet

The mailing list is:
libpeas-list gnome org

Garrett Regier

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