The Board 0.1.1 released!

The Board 0.1.1 is now available at:



About The Board:
 A space for placing daily records in the GNOME desktop.

New features:
 * Sound elements with Voice Memo support
 * Select, align, distribute, move, remove multiple elements
 * Five brand new backgrounds: cork, fabrid, paper, cardboard, and green

 Lucas Rocha

 Flamarion Jorge [pt_BR], Marek Černocký [cs], Matej Urbančič [sl],
 Aron Xu [zh_CN], Daniel Mustieles [es], Daniel Nylander [se],
 Fran Diéguez [gl], Jorge González [es], Yaron Shahrabani [he]

Bugs fixed:
 636624 Add audio thing with recording capability
 636627 Support selection of multiple things
 636628 Support alignment of multiple things
 637484 Hover events stop working after activating an element
 637703 New pages have undefined background id
 637705 Come up with some proper background images
 639207 Show playback and recording time on Sounds elements
 639318 Using Tab in a New Note results in disabled Text Input
 639905 Add Ctrl+click shortcut to append selection
 640597 Note and Label elements can't be activated after being dragged
 640792 Don't leave the AUTHORS file empty
 641019 The Board doesn't run on system LD_LIBRARY_PATH because of

Enjoy it!


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