gobject-introspection 1.29.17

This release shows the results of the Openismus sponsored hackfest - a
lot of work is happening on "g-ir-doctool".  It's not quite ready for
consumption yet though.

I'd like to thank Torsten Schönfeld in particular for doing some hard
work - for example he added "static methods" to interfaces, so e.g.
g_file_new_for_path() now shows up as "Gio.File.new_for_path()" in
JavaScript which is much nicer!

Alexandre Rostovtsev (1):
      tests: build tests only on make check

Colin Walters (14):
      configure: Post-release version bump
      scanner: Don't throw away blank lines in the docs
      scanner: Don't throw away blank lines in the docs
      annotationparser: Only accept certain tags
      annotationparser: Don't eat lines that look like parameters
outside param list
      Regress-1.0-expected: Update for previous change
      Update annotations from glib git d51e0615f9a6c1aa1898c46f2cf3135ca5ccd463
      docbookdescription.py: Fix for PEP-8 compliance
      doctool: Disable tests for now
      Fix warning for missing (element-type)
      scanner: Remove some dead debugging code
      scanner: Don't try to copy c:type if we're parsing (element-type)
      build: Update prepare-minor-release to use xz compression
      gimarshallingtests.h: Remove unimplemented functions

Dan Winship (8):
      girepository: fix some doc comment syntax
      Deprecate ErrorDomain
      Switch to storing string form of error quarks
      Add g_irepository_find_by_error_domain()
      girepository: fix some doc comment syntax
      Deprecate ErrorDomain
      Switch to storing string form of error quarks
      Add g_irepository_find_by_error_domain()

Dominique Leuenberger (1):
      Don't use deprecated G_CONST_RETURN

Giovanni Campagna (5):
      Forbid GPtrArrays holding non-pointer types
      Disallow non byte types for GByteArrays
      Add tests for newly added warnings
      xlib: fix the type of XID
      Revert "xlib: fix the type of XID"

Jasper St. Pierre (2):
      Remove MAINTAINERS and add DOAP
      Update annotations from glib git 2cd3c200687751c9cc26774f650b7651bffcc598

Javier Jardón (4):
      autogen.sh: Use autoreconf instead custom script
      Update autotools configuration
      configure.ac: Generate xz tarball with ustar format by default
      configure.ac: Do not generate template files

Johan Dahlin (17):
      WIP doctool
      Use a classmethod and s/Transformer/cls/ + s/transformer/self/
      Avoid broken emacs syntax highlightning
      Update .gitignore
      Move doctool over to common.mk
      Update expected after rebase
      Update gitignore
      Add signal flags
      Update gitignore
      Add signal flags
      Make sure signal works when there isn't one specified
      Make sure signal works when there isn't one specified
      Try harder to preserve c:type
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gir-docbook'
      Add a make-check check to pre-commit hook
      Use INTROSPECTION_SCANNER_ENV in Makefile.introspection
      Add make-check-passed to gitignore

John (J5) Palmieri (8):
      remove the flat struct array test and replace with object
pointer array test
      first pass at python backend for doc tools
      fix up Python doc backend to output correct names
      output namespace.class.methodname for python methods in the doctools
      [doctool] use different templates for method vs. function output
      treat constructors like methods when generating the label
      [doctools] use 'or' instead of 'and' when checking for func or constructor
      add back the fixed_array_out_struct test

Laszlo Pandy (17):
      [docbook] fix exception when there is no ctype.
      [docbook] remove namespace page. There is nothing in it.
      [docbook] Make DocBookWriter use Transformer
      [docbook] only show Class Record and Interface at the top level
      [docbook] Add "Details" title above all methods.
      [docbook] Add Properties section
      [docbook] Entity -> method
      [docbook] Add properties section.
      [docbook] add signals section
      [docbook] use C symbol for function title.
      [docbook] Allow formatter to change page name.
      [doctool] Add local object hierarchy and stubs for props and
signal details.
      [docbook] Print out element types of arrays, lists and hashtables.
      Descriptions support for docbook writer.     Includes support
for escaping (but not double escaping) entities and CDATA sections.
      For docbook, make the id attributes the same regardless of
language. Only user visible strings should change between C and
      In DocBookWriter, remove DocBookEntity and just use the ast
nodes directly.
      Docbookwriter: signal flags

Martin Pitt (3):
      Add Regress method for a closure taking and returning a GVariant
      Add Regress method for a closure taking and returning a GVariant
      Regenerate Gio/GLib/GObject annotations

Pavel Holejsovsky (9):
      Workaround for CairoRectangleInt exposed in Gdk-3.0.gir
      Fix declarations in xlib-2.0.gir
      Reverting "Workaround for CairoRectangleInt exposed in Gdk-3.0.gir"
      Automatically turn Gdk.Rectangle gtype into cairo.RectangleInt
      Automatically turn Gdk.Rectangle gtype into cairo.RectangleInt
      Teach scanner's girparser about fundamentals
      Properly handle GParamSpec and descendants
      Fix g_irepository_find_by_gtype() for GDK_TYPE_RECTANGLE
      Avoid most of the special-casing of GObject.Object in the scanner

Shaun McCance (1):
      giscanner/mallardwriter: Adding experimental Mallard output to

Stef Walter (2):
      Fix symbols being reported in invalid files
      Make the Transformer respect 'skip' annotations

Tomeu Vizoso (37):
      g-ir-doctool: Don't render the * in link targets
      Add a way to check for unintended effects of changes in g-ir-doctool
      g-ir-doctool: Fix a PEP-8 issue
      g-ir-doc-tool: Generate a <refentry> element at the top of chapters
      tests/doctool: Add an echo while building the docbook
      tests/doctool: Sync -expected.xml
      g-ir-doc-tool: Add DOCTYPE
      tests/doctool: use GIRepository gir instead of Regress
      g-ir-doc-tool: Generate parameter list in the detail
      g-ir-doctool: Add annotations (some)
      g-ir-doc-tool: Move the * out the type link
      g-ir-doc-tool: Move out the * from the return value link
      g-ir-doc-tool: Use same link ids as gtk-doc-mkdb does
      g-ir-doc-tool: Add structs (no fields yet) and thus fix arguments links
      g-ir-doc-tool: Add alias elements (typedef)
      tests/doctool: Updated -expected to match the code in the repo
      g-ir-doc-tool: Add support for varargs
      Make sure we have UNINSTALLED_INTROSPECTION_SRCDIR when running tests
      g-ir-scanner: Stop going up the hierarchy once we reach GObject
      g-ir-doc-tool: Add -expected test for Python docbook
      g-ir-doc-tool: Use the array type when rendering [element-type]
      g-ir-doc-tool: Ignore for now properties with no known type
      g-ir-doc-tool: Use namespace.class for Python
      g-ir-doc-tool: print class declaration line in Python
      g-ir-doc-tool: Fix PEP-8 issues
      tests/doctool: Update expected files
      tests/doctool: Add the right -expected files to dist
      tests/doctool: Switch to test the mallard formatter
      tests/doctool: Compare -expected directories instead of single files
      configure.ac: Add tar-pax to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
      tests/doctool: Better way of copying the .gir
      configure.ac: Change to tar-ustar because PAX gives problems in OpenBSD
      tests/doctool: Make sure we regenerate the mallard code when testing
      tests/doctool: Update the -expected dirs
      tests/doctools: Properly clean the temporary mallard files
      giscanner: Allow passing additional include dirs when parsing a gir
      tests/doctool: Remove MALLARD_DIRS from BUILT_SOURCES

Torsten Schönfeld (5):
      scanner: handle static methods on all types
      scanner: add a moved_to property to backcompat functions
      Recognize constructors ending in 'newv'
      Allow enums and bitfields to have static methods
      Add 'Since:' tags to the newly added GIEnumInfo methods

Xavier Claessens (2):
      Add a regress test for a method returning GPtrArray
      add regression test for skipped #define

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