GNOME Tweak Tool 3.0.0 released

GNOME Tweak Tool 3.0.0 is now available at:
 sha256sum: 40f74e1deb7dee44d224715977cae42eddae4fa506a78ed663e7448d786711fd
     size: 219K
 sha256sum: 8b6bb6777bb261da1c7a86cef66ea3794a8a21246bb50d9112ca1e3ce4b98369
     size: 183K

About GNOME Tweak Tool

GNOME Tweak Tool is an application for changing the advanced settings of
GNOME 3. Further description; including capabilities and screenshots
can be found at:

Overview of changes

  * First stable release
  * Enable icon theme selection
  * Tweak font anti-aliasing
  * Support l10n

John Stowers

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