gobject-introspection 0.9.7

GObject Introspection 0.9.6 is now available:


This is another unstable release as we close in on the GTK 3 schedule, fixing
some bugs necessary for 2.32.

Colin Walters (4):
      build: post-release version bump
      tests: Look for uninstalled .girs
      configure: Explicitly require GLib 2.24
      regress: Remove busted tests

Johan Dahlin (58):
      Update AUTHORS
      [maintransformer] Do not warn for returns and varargs
      Save the line number of a source comment
      [annotationparser] Preserve line numbers
      Include proper filename and lineno in doc warning
      [sourcescanner] Rewrite linemarks parser
      Include proper line number for scope warning
      [message] Set file_positions to an empty list
      [maintransformer] Make warning more robust
      Remove leftover, type is set above
      [scanner] Only store types in cache store
      [scanner] Add a Position class
      [scanner] Support private/public directives
      [message] Add apositions argument to a few functions
      Pass in blocks to IntrospectablePass
      [IntrospectablePass] Improve error message
      [maintransformer] Improve type resolution warnings
      [Message] Implement Position.__repr__
      [IntrospectablePass] Suppress callback/vfunction warnings
      [transformer] Ignore hidden symbols
      Revert "[transformer] Ignore hidden symbols"
      [scanner] Warn for invalid scanner annotations
      [annotationparser] Make it a bit stricter
      Remove TAG_TRANSFER
      Paper-bag fix, add an OPT_TRANSFER import
      Validate transfer annnotations
      Make the invalid annotation warning a bit prettier
      Add scope annotation value warnings
      [warningtester] Prettify error output
      Fix a couple of broken annotations
      [maintransformer] Use AssertionError
      [annotation] Add constants for out options
      Add a position to doc options
      [maintransformer] Use constants
      [maintransformer] Add more warnings for element-type
      [annotationparser] Validate the rest of the annotations
      Add more array warnings + tests
      [annotationparser] Allow param less closures
      [scannermain] Split scanner_main into smaller pieces
      Add an annotation tool
      Add a script to extract gio annotations
      [gio] Improve source comments
      Add a script to import gobject annotations
      Import GObject sources
      [girparser] Callbacks and VFunctions can be shadowed
      Use tag position if available
      Print out line numbers
      Setup message logger
      Re-generate against HEAD of Gio
      [annotationparser] Extract (skip) for doc blocks
      Do not use triple dashes
      [sourcescanner] Plug a couple of python leaks
      [scanner] Mark enum members as private in transformer
      Remove trailing whitespace
      [scanner] Make sure private enums are filtered

Pavel Holejsovsky (3):
      Fix memory leak.
      Remove Regress tests with input args with transfer full or container.
      Modify Regress impl so that inout args ignore (transfer) for
'in' direction.

Tomeu Vizoso (2):
      Make Full the default transfer for returned foreign structs.
      Set c_symbol_prefix in the GVariant special case

Vincent Untz (1):
      scanner: fail if cpp fails

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