gnome-pilot 2.32.0 released

gnome-pilot 2.32.0 'Frankie', 2010-09-26
Gnome Pilot lets you synchronize your gnome applications with your
PalmOS(r) based devices.  It can be used to back up your data, install
files, or to synchronize your contacts, calendar, memos and tasks
with Evolution.

Significant code changes moving towards gnome-3: removal of libgnome,
libgnomeui, removal of deprecated gtk API.

Also, Evolution conduits have been migrated from evolution code base to

Change versioning from 2.0.x to 2.32.x, to reflect significant code
changes since 2.0.17.

Many thanks to Halton Huo for work on many of the gnome-3 migration
items below.

Bug Fixes:
   - #594214: Remove deprecated GTK/glib symbols
   - #590215: Remove libgnome/libgnomeui dependency
   - #589501: convert applet to GtkBuilder
   - #597328: remove obsolete gpilotd-conduit-mgmt.h
   - #619315: Move evolution conduits from evo to gnome-pilot
   - #592604: Migrate from bonobo to dbus
   - #610782: support more versions of autoconf
   - #607142: Clean up of build system
   - #590225: remove gnome_help and gnome-open calls
   - #584894: pilot applet is not visible on the panel on gnome2.26
   - #569481: Use stock gnome pda icon
   - #569193: remove obsolete SUSE-specific GNOMEPATH
   - #570724: avoid using deprecated gnome-i18n in favour or glib-i18n
   - #568404: only gpilotd binary needs to be linked with libhal
   - (Ubuntu bug #569601): no conduits loaded due to global variable
	 namespace clash

Thanks to the translations team, as ever.

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