ANNOUNCE: libfolks 0.2.0

libfolks 0.2.0 is now available for download from:


libfolks 0.2.0 — I am the antidote
Libfolks pulls together contacts from any number of accounts supported
by the libfolks backends. This release includes a Telepathy backend
complete enough to power Empathy and a key file backend to allow contact
linking. We would like to include
additional backends (especially evolution-data-server), so let us know
if we can help!

libfolks is not yet API or ABI stable, so please proceed with caution.

For more information, see the Folks wiki page:

What's new?
* Build fixes for GIR 1.2 and Vala 0.10, meaning we now depend on
gobject-introspection 0.9.6, Vala 0.10.0 and telepathy-glib 0.11.16
(Travis Reitter)
* Various linking fixes (Brian Pepple, Philip Withnall)
* Normalize IM addresses written to the writeable backend (Philip
* Allow building the folks-import tool to be disabled (Philip Withnall)

libfolks and depend upon core GNOME libraries (GLib, GIO, etc.), as well
as the latest release of Vala and gobject-introspection.

The Telepathy backend also requires a recent release of
telepathy-glib, built to include its Vala bindings.

For any questions, comments, feature proposals, etc., please refer to
the Telepathy mailing list or #telepathy on Freenode.
For bug reports, please file them with the GNOME Bugzilla module "folks"

The official repository is in GNOME git, module "folks".

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