[ANNOUNCE] libchamplain 0.7.2


I have just released libchamplain 0.7.2. There's just a small number
of changes since the last release:

* Added missing header file for vala bindings generation (Lorenzo Masini)
* Big makefile cleanup - should fix a problem when some generated sources
  were distributed and libchamplain did not compile because of different
  settings (Jiří Techet)
* Fixed documentation creation when compiled without memphis (Jiří Techet)
* --strip-prefix option removed for instrospection generation to be compatible
  with newer gir scanners (Jiří Techet)

The biggest change and the main reason why I'm making one more release
before the final 0.8 release are the changes made to Makefile.am files
which on the one hand should fix some problems, but on the other hand
could introduce new problems (automake and autoconf are pretty tricky
tools). Please test and report any problems.


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