ANNOUNCE: Cheese 2.31.92 released

what is it?
Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects

what's changed in 2.31.92?
  - Added/Updated Translations
    - da, courtesy of Anders Jenbo
    - de, courtesy of Christian Kirbach
    - id, courtesy of Andika Triwidada
    - ja, courtesy of Takayuki KUSANO
    - kk, courtesy of Baurzhan Muftakhidinov
    - pl, courtesy of Tomasz Dominikowski
    - pt, courtesy of Duarte Loreto
    - zh_CN, courtesy of YunQiang Su

where can i get it?
you can get it by pressing here!

what does it look like?
take a look here!

where can i find out more?
you can visit the project web site:

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