gjs 0.7.2


GJS 0.7.2 is available.

Similarly to gobject-introspection, this software is still in
development, and no strong API guarantees are made.  It is however
suitable for testing and evaluation, and we are targeting an API
freeze along with GTK3.


Colin Walters (12):
      Add support for dtrace/SystemTap
      [dbus] Remove additional incorrect variant in GetAll
      [dbus-exports] Check for abandon_container
      Adjust for g-i change to remove machine-independent type tags
      byteArray: Fix 64 bit issues
      Port to new gobject-introspection tests
      configure: Bump required g-i version to 0.9.5
      configure: Check for JS_DefinePropertyById
      arg.c: Fix compiler warning
      build+systemtap: Dist gi/gjs_gi_probes.d
      build: Don't attempt to dist sources copied from g-i
      configure: Release 0.7.2.

Dan Winship (1):
      [gi] don't redefine special methods on every prototype; use inheritance

Danielle Madeley (8):
      Add support for GArray to gjs_value_from_g_argument
      Add support for GArray to gjs_value_to_g_argument
      Add gjs_array_from_strv(), convert gjs_value_from_g_argument() to use it
      Handle GValues of type G_TYPE_STRV
      Add test to testEverythingBasic
      Throw a better warning for GValues containing container types
      Merge branch 'strv-621960'
      [arg] Add JSRoot to gjs_array_from_strv()

Diego Escalante Urrelo (1):
      gjs-console: explicitely link against glib

Johan Dahlin (11):
      [modules] Add a promise module
      [importer] Use G_MODULE_SUFFIX
      [build] Use -no-undefined
      [gdb-check] Add a script for easier use
      [GIMarshallingTest] Disable a few tests
      [value] Add workaround to avoid glib 2.22 dep
      [value] Do not use G_TYPE_ARRAY as well
      [importer] Allow native modules in gjs.so
      [gjs] Add a byteArray module.
      [configure] Require g-i 0.9.3
      [gjs-dbus] Rename internal method and make it public

Owen W. Taylor (2):
      Adjust to change in the indexing of destroy/closure parameters
      Fix unitialized return value

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