Eye of GNOME 2.31.92


This is already the 2.31.92 release of Eye of GNOME.
That means it's just two weeks until 2.32.
It also means we can't do any code changes in these two weeks.
Thankfully Claudio managed to squash a few bugs in advance.

* What is it ?

Eye of GNOME (EOG) is the image viewer for the GNOME desktop.

* What's changed in 2.31.92?

  * Copy image to disk when setting as desktop background when it is 
    located on removable media (Claudio Saavedra)
  * Ask user whether to reload an externally modified image
    (Claudio Saavedra)
  * Miscellaneous code fixes (Claudio Saavedra)

Bug fixes:

  #613056, Side pane always shown at startup when plug-in is activated
           (Claudio Saavedra)
  #614634, EOG prevents the Desktop thumbnails to be updated
           (Claudio Saavedra)
  #625384, Background setting doesn't work as expected
           (Claudio Saavedra)

New and updated translations:

- Khaled Hosny [ar]
- Adrian Guniš [cs]
- Kenneth Nielsen [da]
- Christian Kirbach [de]
- Michael Kotsarinis [el]
- Bruce Cowan [en_GB]
- Claude Paroz [fr]
- Yaron Shahrabani [he]
- Gabor Kelemen [hu]
- Andika Triwidada [id]
- Kjartan Maraas [nb]
- A S Alam [pa]
- Piotr Drąg [pl]
- Duarte Loreto [pt]
- Matej Urbančič [sl]
- Милош Поповић [sr]
- Miloš Popović [sr latin]
- Daniel Nylander [sv]
- Dean Lee [zh_CN]

New and updated manual translations

- 朱涛 [zh_CN]

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:

      size: 3.7M

      size: 2.7M


The Eye Team

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