ANNOUNCE: Zeitgeist 0.5.1

On behalf of the Zeitgeist team I am proud to announce the release of
Zeitgeist 0.5.1.

What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users's activities and events,
anywhere from files opened to websites
visited and conversations, and makes this information readily
available for other applications to use. It is also
able to establish relationships between items based on similarity and
usage patterns.

Launchpad Project (with bug tracker):

See also:
 * Sub-projects of Zeitgeist:
    - Extensions for Zeitgeist -
    - Data-sources for Zeitgeist (extensions for 3th party
applications) -
 * Dedicated Graphical User Interfaces:
   - GNOME Activity Journal -
   - Sezen -

What has changed?

2010-09-09: Zeitgeist 0.5.1 "Spongebob is not funny"


 - Don't use the return value of Extension.post_insert_event() when
  dispatching the post insert hooks. The post_insert_event() method
  has no return value.
 - Initialize ZeitgeistEngine after RemoteInterface, so that --replace
  does its job before the main engine and extensions start (LP: #614315).
 - Added support for queries on the Subject.Storage field of an Event
  (LP: #580364).
 - Some optimizations in the find_events() method. Also the profiling
  data is much more useful.

Python API:

 - Check arguments of Event.new_for_values() and Subject.new_for_values()
  (LP: #580372).
 - Redefined the result of TimeRange.always(), UNIX timestamp "0" is now
  the left corner of the interval (LP: #614295).
 - Added a new helper module called zeitgeist.mimetypes which basically
  provides two functions (LP: #586524):
   * get_interpretation_for_mimetype(), which tries to get a suitable
     interpretation for a given mime-type.
   * get_manifestation_for_uri(), which tries to lookup a manifestation
     for the given URI.
 - The DataSource model now provides easy access to the information it
  holds through properties.


 - The tool to build our ontology now supports rdflib2 and rdflib3
  (LP: #626224).
 - Added "make check" and "make doc" commands to the rootlevel Makefile
  (LP: #628661)
 - Translation updates.
 - Updated test suite.
 - Documentation updates.



Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Free Software Developer       363DEAE3

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