ANNOUNCE: F-Spot 0.7.3 Released!

We've just rolled out F-Spot 0.7.3: this is a release candidate, which
together with a couple of bug fixes this weekend will become F-Spot

Please test this and let us know if you have any issues!

>From the NEWS file:

f-spot 0.7.3 - Sep  9 2010 - Release Candidate
- Release candidate for the 0.8.0 release.
 - Completely replaced Glade usage by GtkBuilder (Paul Lange)
 - Cleanups and refactorings all accross (Ruben Vermeersch)
 - Correctly decide when to make the library location sensitive
   (Iain Lane)
 - Fixes in Taglib#.
 - IconView has been split up and made much more modular (Mike Gemünde)
 - More Hyenafication (Mike Gemünde)
 - Copy to Clipboard fixed (Mike Gemünde)
 - Another 20 bugs closed (

More info on my weblog:

Many thanks to everyone who made this release possible:


	Iain Lane, Mike Gemünde, Paul Lange, Ruben Vermeersch


	Andrej Žnidaršič (Slovenian), Bruno Brouard (French),
	Filipe Gomes (Portuguese),  Jordi Mas (Catalan),
	Jorge González (Spanish), Mario Blättermann (German),
	Милош Поповић (Serbian)

This new release can be downloaded here:
        Or through GNOME git, using the 0.7.3 tag.

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