ANNOUNCE: Smuxi 0.8 "Godsend"

5 weeks after the "Lovegood" release, I am very happy to
announce the major feature release, 0.8 codenamed "Godsend".
Major feature highlights of this release are desktop notifications
(with full support of actions, icons, updates, append and sound),
messaging menu / indicators (as provided by Ubuntu's Ayatana project)
and working Twitter support with OAuth (basic auth was disabled by
Twitter on 31th August). This version also fixes all bugs that were
reported since the release of

Further on, Smuxi comes with the following improvements in its user
 * More distinct nick colours by using a combination of colours
 * Use of Nick colours for userlists
 * Emphasis of own nick in bold, making it easier to distinguish sent
 * Toggle-able menubar
 * Full screen mode support for enhanced netbook experience
 * Browse mode support
 * Remembering of tab order when reconnecting to a smuxi-server
 * Sound support by notification daemons which support this extension
 * Display of IRC network name instead of hostname in the tab
 * Addition of "Open Log" button for easy viewing of logs.

Smuxi provides better connectivity and security by supporting: HTTP and
SOCKS proxies as well as secure connections to IRC servers by using SSL
with optional certificate validation.

Last but not least, it comes with an enhanced Twitter experience by
supporting the use of multiple Twitter accounts at the same time, 
reformatting tweets that contain newlines and showing the full retweet
instead of a truncated version.

Updated languages includes: French (Clément BOURGEOIS) and German
(Bianca Mix)

A full list of changes is included below.

The #smuxi IRC channel can now also be found, in addition to OFTC,
on other popular IRC networks such as freenode and GIMPnet. The
messages on #smuxi are automatically relayed between the 3 IRC networks.

If you like Smuxi and want to support it by making micro-donations,
Smuxi is available on Flattr:

There are also many other nice FOSS projects available on Flattr, see
the Flattr-FOSS project:

Smuxi is available for download from:

7514ddf1f831d4cd07529a81c34cc824  source/smuxi-0.8.tar.gz
1f0489672a302724a5b46752494a6c76  binary/smuxi-0.8-1-bin.tar.gz
3d0315eb213624e533c272993e493a54  binary/smuxi-0.8-1-win32-setup.exe

What is it?
Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform
IRC client for sophisticated users, targeting the GNOME desktop.

Smuxi is based on the client-server model: The core application
(engine) can be placed onto a server which is connected to the Internet
around-the-clock; one or more frontends then connect to the core. This
way, the connection to IRC can be kept up even when all frontends have
been closed. The combination of screen and irssi served as example for
this architecture.

Smuxi also supports the regular single application mode. This behaves
like a typical IRC client; it doesn't need separate core management and
utilizes a local engine that is used by the local frontend client.

The project website can be found at:

What's New?
New features:
    * #310: Messaging indicator support
    * #176: Notification-OSD support
    * #368: Smuxi needs OAuth Plugin for twitter API authentication
      until 30. June 2010
    * #298: Twitter only works with maximum one account
    * #446: Trim newline excess in twitter messages
    * #447: Use nick color in user list
    * #23:  SSL support
    * #136: HTTP proxy support
    * #436: Add a feature to show/hide the menubar
    * #458: Full screen support
    * #448: "Browse Mode" for scrolling through channels without
      marking them as read
    * #16:  smarter /op /deop /voice /devoice (using multiple modes)
    * #170: set away automatically when no connection to server
    * #221: Remember tab order
    * #306: Add sound
    * #336: I suggest smuxi should try reconnects to irc servers
    * #388: Generate more distinct nick colors
    * #411: Smuxi does not show received invites
    * #419: Add an option to make your own nick bold/italic/underlined
    * #424: Use network name from config for server tabs
    * #425: Open log button in chat menu
    * #440: Compaction of messages
    * #445: Support extended twitter messages

    * #81:  closing server tabs will freeze the frontend [win32]
    * #132: person list empty in group chat after /reconnect
    * #254: Reconnect / exception if an user joins on an anonynous IRC
    * #457: crash after hitting tab to complete a nickname
    * #423: Main window has 2 resize grips
    * #430: Selection of entry gets lost when context menu opens
    * #433: /disconnect command is not disabling chats
    * #435: /disconnect command leaves chats behind
    * #438: Crash when reconnecting to smuxi-server
    * #439: Using window size 0,0 crashes smuxi hard
    * #442: Smuxi crashes on startup with: Unhandled Exception:
      Nini.Ini.IniException: Expected section end (]) - Line: XXX,
      Position: XXX
    * #455: When away, message is shown 2 times
    * #459: engine created without default
    * #461: configure script needs to check for more libraries

1 September 2010


Mirco 'meebey' Bauer

PGP-Key ID: 0xEEF946C8

FOSS Developer    meebey meebey net
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