ANNOUNCE: libfolks 0.1.16

libfolks 0.1.16 is now available for download from:

libfolks 0.1.16 — The unknown troubles on your mind
Libfolks pulls together contacts from any number of accounts supported
by the libfolks backends. This release includes a Telepathy backend
complete enough to power Empathy and a key file backend to allow contact
linking. We would like to include additional backends (especially
evolution-data-server), so let us know if we can help!

This release fixes a number of fairly major issues which cropped up when
testing Empathy, such as Empathy stomping all over Personas' aliases
when linking contacts, link-local XMPP contacts not being removed from
the contact list when going offline, and linked Individuals being
overwritten by new linked Individuals in certain situations.

libfolks is not yet API or ABI stable, so please proceed with caution.

For more information, see the Folks wiki page:

What's new?
* Add more debugging output (Philip Withnall)
* Fix alias and favourite status changes pushing their new values down
to all an Individual's Personas (Philip Withnall)
* Fix tp-lowlevel's dependencies (Travis Reitter)
* Fix choosing key file group names in the key-file backend, which fixes
linked Individuals being overwritten by other linked Individuals in
certain situations (Philip Withnall)
* Ensure untrusted Personas' Individuals are signalled as removed
(Philip Withnall)
* Clear the stored list if it's invalidated (Travis Reitter)
* Add an environment variable (FOLKS_DISABLE_LINKING) to disable linking
for debug purposes (Philip Withnall)

libfolks and depend upon core GNOME libraries (GLib, GIO, etc.), as well
as the latest release of Vala and gobject-introspection.

The Telepathy backend also requires a recent release of
telepathy-glib, built to include its Vala bindings.

For any questions, comments, feature proposals, etc., please refer to
the Telepathy mailing list or #telepathy on Freenode.
For bug reports, please file them with the GNOME Bugzilla module "folks"

The official repository is in GNOME git, module "folks".

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