ANNOUNCE: clutter core 1.5.4 (snapshot)

A new Clutter snapshot is now available at:

SHA256 Checksum:

6134d534184724648ee7aa5eba5ea7b35994185eee579bf136460a88e341bd02  clutter-1.5.4.tar.bz2

Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:
  git clone git://

will include a signed 1.5.4 tag which points to a commit named:

which can be verified with:
  git verify-tag 1.5.4

and can be checked out with a command such as:
  git checkout -b build 1.5.4

• Requirements

  GLib ≥ 2.26.0
  JSON-GLib ≥ 0.12.0
  Cairo ≥ 1.10
  Pango ≥ 1.20
  Atk ≥ 1.7
  OpenGL ≥ 1.2 + multi-texturing, OpenGL|ES 1.1 or OpenGL|ES 2.0
  GLX, WGL, Quartz or an EGL Implementation

Depending on the platform and the configuration options Clutter also
depends on:

  GDK-Pixbuf ≥ 2.0
  UProf ≥ 0.3

• Documentation

API Reference:
  ‣ Clutter:
  ‣ Cogl:
  ‣ Cally:

• Release Notes

  - This is the first snapshot of the 1.5 cycle leading to the next 1.6
    stable release
  - This version is API and ABI compatible with the current stable
    release of Clutter.
  - Installing the contents of this release will overwrite the files
    from the installation of the current stable release of Clutter.
    Bugs should be reported on the Clutter Project bugzilla, at:

• What's new in Clutter 1.5.4

    » Add a backend for Wayland.

    » Depend on GLib ≥ 2.26, Cairo ≥ 1.10.

    » Do not generate the conformance tests list using the test-conformance

    » Implement interval progress functions for ActorBox, Vertex, Geometry,
      Color and Units.

    » Allow overriding the surface creation in Clutter.CairoTexture.

    » Add interpolate() method to Clutter.Color.

    » Add ClutterPathConstraint, a simple constraint that sets the origin
      of an actor's allocation to follow a ClutterPath.

    » Fixes for ClutterState.

    » Plug some memory leaks.

    » Fix build of the CEx100 and EGL backends.

    » Fixes for the OSX backend.

    » Documentation consistency and spell checking fixes.

    » Build fixes.

Translation updates:

  Andika Triwidada (id), Damien Lespiau (fr), Piotr Drąg (po)

Many thanks to:

  Damien Lespiau, Chris Lord, Neil Roberts, Kristian Høgsberg,
  Andika Triwidada, Ole André Vadla Ravnås, Robert Bragg,
  Owen W. Taylor, Piotr Drąg, Roland Peffer

have fun with Clutter!


Emmanuele Bassi, Open Source Software Engineer
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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