Banshee 1.7.1 released

We're happy to announce the release of Banshee 1.7.1, which is part of
the unstable 1.7 series, leading up to a stable 1.8 release in the fall.
It contains bug fixes for 1.7.0, as well as new features and
(sha256sum: f96bc06946ff927c2879001eb5ae6ad249f17f01a8f7dd8ab5f4f5a47a05d907)

New Features and Enhancements:

  * Lots of improvements to the Audiobooks support
  * New preference to use the classic album layout instead of the grid
  * streaming can be disabled separately from the other
  * Support for reading and writing MusicBrainz IDs
  * Show the TrackEditor fields as read-only mode when they are not

Notable Bugs Fixed:

  * Fix Youtube playback
  * Fix deletion of Podcast metadata during modification
  * Fix a crash related to the notification daemon
  * Fix fetching cover for albums with several discs
  * Several fixes for the N800 device

More info:

Development toward 1.8 is happening on git master, and 1.7.2 is
scheduled for June 30th (see

Thanks to everybody who contributed!


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