gobject-introspection 0.6.12

Hello world,

GObject Introspection 0.6.12 is now available.  I'll call out commit
specifically - library module maintainers should look at their usage
of Makefile.introspection.

Otherwise, just some work on docs and bugfixes.


Dan Winship (2):
      Makefile.introspection: use $^, simplifying non-srcdir builds
      remove unnecessary $(srcdir)s from Makefile.am

Eduardo Lima Mitev (1):
      Adds annotations to g_filter_(input/output)_stream_get_base_stream

Johan Dahlin (9):
      Post release version bump
      [docs] Remove title from gi-sections.txt
      [docs] Remove multiple GIFunctionInfo link
      [docs] Reference g_module_open instead of dlopen
      [GIFunctionInfo] Document struct and functions
      [docs] Reorganize sections
      [docs] Make gtk-doc language consistent.
      [girepository] Use g_slice
      [docs] Document GICallableInfo and GIArgInfo

Simon McVittie (2):
      .gitignore: ignore xrandr-1.3.typelib
      girparser: backtrace_stderr: fix int/ssize_t format mismatch

Tomeu Vizoso (3):
      Take into account the underscore after the type name when
checking if a function is a method
      Add GInitiallyUnknowned subclass to Everything for testing
floating references
      Add support for the 'foreign' annotation to g-i-scanner

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