gtkaml 0.2.10 released

Gtkaml is an markup language that reuses the Vala compiler to write Gtk+ widgets through casual XML.

<HBox homogeneous="false">
      <Label label="_Hello" with-mnemonic="true" expand="false" fill="false"/>
      <Entry g:public="my_entry" text="World! "/>

  * compact XML syntax for describing Gtk widgets
  * code 'islands' (written in Vala) - for signal handling and other code in your widget class (so you don't modify the generated code ever)
  * doesn't depend on an external library at run-time (other than Gtk+)
  * much more readable than the usual UI boilerplate (e.g. you don't need to worry about temporary variables, or ever write hundreds of lines of code)
 * no Gtk+ magic - gtkaml can be used for any component/widget library, given that the composition method selection is specified in the *.implicits file

Changes in 0.2.10:
 - fixed building with vala compiler 0.8.1

Gtkaml 0.2.x is currently in maintainence mode. Only releases to sync with Vala are made, and bugs may be fixed if they don't require re-architecturing.

Gtkaml 0.4 is in prototyping phase. Changes include re-using Vala's parser for expressions and Vala symbol resolver as much as possible, opening the oportunity to data binding based on 'notify' signal.

Full release notes:

[1] Examples:

Vlad Grecescu

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